Need Help to recognize the plant gender (with pictures)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dombidom67, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Need your help with this


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  2. looks male, how long has it been under 12/12?

  3. i was planted the seed before 1 month and i grow it outside so i guess for the last month the plant was under 12\12.

    if this plant a male so what can i do with him ? shuld i throw it ?
    or maybe it still worth to grow it ?
  4. if its the only plant youre growing i think it would be good to let grow out for experience. But there isnt really much you can do with a male.

  5. this is not the only one and there are another plants which planted at the same planter with him and another plants the located close to him but at another planters.

    so is this male can ruin my other (Female) plants? should i throw him anyway ?

    thanks for the help
  6. yes he will pollinate your females and give seedy bud. Try pulling one of those little green balls off and go far away from your other plants and break it open to see if pollen comes out

  7. i will do that later and if the pollen comes out i will throw the plant .

    thank u very much !!
  8. yup its a male. keep it far away from females if you have any... unles you want lots and lots of seed instead of bud
  9. You can make hash from chopped male plants. You can make edibles from hash.

    If its your only plant, grow it. Good to learn about watering requirements and size and all that shit annnnd free hash.

    If you have others, chop that bad boy down. Dont want seedy bud, or do you? :p

  10. I throw out this plant 5 minutes ago :cool:

  11. it was only one and little male plant so i guess it's not worth to try to make hash, i guess i will try to make brownies with them.

  12. ??

    Make edibles from the hash that you make from the plant.

    No probs :)
  13. can i dry the leaves and make edibles from them ? or maybe i have to use only hash to make edibles ?
  14. Yeah you cant just use the leaves and make edibles.. You need to make it into a mixture. Go look in the edibles section for summin ;)

  15. Thanks

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