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Need help to decarb wax

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by dukesilver, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. I have looked all over the internet and I keep finding different answers that semi answer my question.

    How do you decarb only a gram of wax?

    One answer says to put it in the oven at 300 for 15 before adding the oil and then putting back In the oven. Another one says to place in the over with oil for 20-27 minutes at 252. Someone please help clarify.

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  2. Wuuht?

    Isn't wax pure THC to an extant?
    Skip the decarbonization and put it in the cooking oil
    Decarboxylation is necessary because THCA (THC as it exists naturally) isn't able to be absorbed to be psychoactive in your digestive system, the THCA needs to activated into Δ9THC to be bioavailable.
    Skunkpharm has a really good article about it:
  4. You need a decarb process, but not for as long as bud. Get your temps the same, but I would go for half the time or so before adding to your fats. Waxes decay much more quickly when processed than bud, so there is likely already some natural decarb

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  5. So let's say 1g of wax. I can basically just warm up my coconut oil in double boiler (I'm just not sure how much, 1/4c?) then I throw in 1g of wax and stir (making sure never to go over 340 degrees cause that's when cannabonoids began to destroy) until wax is totally infused and then it should be edible ready I think lol.
    How do I know when my concentrate is totally infused?
    There is no straining or anything involved correct?
    If you know about any of this please let me know thanks a lot!!!
  6. In your shoes, i personally would use this method:

    Just treat your wax like she treats her solid hash. You're gunna need a small, oven-proof container to decarb the wax, then just pour the coconut oil on top of it, and it should pretty much totally dissolve with some heat and stirring. No straining should be necessary.
    And 340 is way too high. it's ok to bake brownies or cookies at that temp but not straight oil, as it's not insulated by dough or anything. You will lose a lot of THC as it degrades into CBN.
  7. Hey thanks alot i really appreciate it alot. Seems pretty basic i just dont want to waiste anything haha. I got through half of it and had to go to work and now when i try and play it, it only has audio. But yea i hope it works

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