Need help switching from hydro to soil while flowering

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by gogetten19, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Hi I am new to the forum and I have a clone off a mother plant that I have been growing hydroponicaly for and couple of months now and it is about 4 ft Tall my problem is can I switch it from hydro to soil and throw it outside to flower or is it to late to put it out cause it seems like me putting the lights on 12/12 isnt doing much all there doing is getting tall and showing a couple of hairs but then again maybe it is a long flowering strain I Dont Know will somebody help accomplish my mission please Thanks:cool:
  2. Don't even think about it.

    There is no way you are going to go from hydro to soil without doing major damage to your roots. At best, you would stress the hell out of the plant, set yourself back weeks, and if it survived, the plant would probably go hermi on you.

    Stick to what you are doing, it can take a while for the flowering to get started.
  3. What kind of lights are we talking about? How long has it been on 12/12?
  4. well it is a 100watt Halogen a fish tank flourscent and a flourscent bulb th 100 watt halogen is a flood light :confused:
  5. and it has been o 12/12 for about 2 weeks now but my timer is broken so i shut the lights off at midnight and turn them on at noon but I am some times late to turn it on and off at the most 20 30 maybe 40 minutes late sometimes thanks for the help guys:cool:
  6. This is part of your problem. A halogen light is no good for this.
  7. ok then what kind of lights will help me bud them or should I cut back the lights more please help I am new to hydro only done it once before this just if you could give me some pointers
  8. You've done hydro before????
    Is this thread a joke????
    Plus, it's in the Advanced Section????
  9. Yes as you can read I have done Hydro Before and I am in the advanced section Cause I have grown outdoors in soil for years but there is no need to be a ass no offense but you make it like my thread is a joke it is not I am sorry that you think that I just wanted some advice I already know that you need a HPS and Flourscents to bud it I just wanted advice from yall cause I think yall are more expierened than me please excuse me if you take this offenisive but I am just asking a question and hoping for advice Thanks:cool:
  10. Your question/thread should be in the beginners section.
    By your second post and saying that you've grown once before in hydro, made me think this was a prank. It's something i'd do if i was bored and wanted to fuck about, but then, not everyone's mentally immature as i am.

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