Need help Super Lemon Haze + Moby D1ck auto TRANSPLANT 1 OF 4 TONIGHT!!!!

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    Here for the nitty gritty... which plant would you pick? I personally wanna crack the brown ceramic pot and transplant that one, since I know I will need to get it out of that little pot eventually. The plastic containers are easier to cut away and remove when the time comes. Do you think my plants are small?

    RH usually between 25%-40% and temps 82-90 F @ 450 MH

    I don't want to switch to flowering for at least another 2 weeks. I want a big yield for my grow size.
    The plastic containers are a gallon water jug filled almost to the top and a 30 ounce pretzel container.

    The pic of the black container is showing how much new soil I have left for my tranplant. Will be doing the transplant after the consensus from you all and others THANKS!!!


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