Need help sugar leaves yellowing should I harvest now?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Regginacirfa, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Pistils on front plant are really deceiving pretty much all trichs are a milky white color with a few amber ones just wondering if I can continue to flush her without having to worry about those brown spots on sugar leaves spreading to the bud?
  2. Or if I need to rush the flush and just chop them? Would like to wait atleast 5 days and hopefully let the rest of the pistils on front plant turn orange and curl in idk any advice would be greatly appreciated this is my first grow ever still a noob
  3. They don’t look ready to me the white pistils are still shooting out usually when it’s closer to harvest they look like they are receding back into the bud
  4. Yea like I said the front plants pistils are really deceiving the trichs are all milky white with a few amber ones just tripped me out it’s bag seed so not sure on genetics I know some strains pistils don’t darken I guess?
  5. And you think I’m alright to let them go a bit longer ? I started flushing 2 days ago those yellowing and browning sugar leaves have me worried don’t wsnt them spreading to the buds
  6. Change the water, adjust PH, that is what I think the problem is.
    They look a bit young to cut to me. Looks like at least 2 weeks.
    You got some nute burn, back off a hundred point on the PPM meter or so, maybe 200.
    What is your PH and PPM, and nutes you are using?
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  7. Ppm is 900 ph is 6.4 growing in fox farm ocean forest and have been flushing past 2 days so no nutes was using tiger bloom gold range silica nirvana cal mag jungle juice cha Ching and tarantula prior to flushing
  8. The trichs are milky white with a few amber ones anywhere I check also that’s why I started flushing maybe hop back on a 1/2 strength nute cycle then for a week and flush again after? Just worried those brown and yellow spots on the sugar leaves are going to spread to the bud
  9. I used that cha Ching 3 times and I got that lime pale green looking color on my top leaves shortly after that think I shoulda only used the cha Ching twice prolly gave her some nute burn
  10. Appreciate all advice and help btw

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