Need help starting out indoor grow!!

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  1. So this is my FIRST GROW! I am planning on doing a micro grow in either a mini-fridge or like a dresser/wooden nightstand.

    What is the best way to get ventilation throughout the grow space?

    I plan on using FoxFarm Ocean Forest with perlite. But i don't know how using this combo effects how much/often i should water it.

    Any tips on the lighting, preventing too much smell from escaping, and anything else would be great!!
  2. Hi man for ventilation use PC fans, one to blow air inside the grow box 1 intake and 1 outake, for the smell you can use Ona blocks and Ona gel for the ona gel put the gel on the blades of one of the pc fans this eliminates the smell and for the lighting CFL would be the best for a compacted area so for veg use a miniumum of 60w CFL (6400k) and for flowering use about 80w CFL (2700k) anymore questions?:)
  3. I think he covered everything but watering there. So with ffof I use 4 parts soil mix and one part perlite for the new mix and depending on humidity should dry out in about 3-4 days. Best thing to do is feel your pot after watering and then check it each day when it's a lot lighter water it.
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    Keep in mind that, if you have a powerful fan, you can get away only having an outtake fan (the intake will be passive). That's how I've got my veg box setup. I got creative and found a way to make it also circulate air in the grow chamber too (if you're interested I've got pictures in my journal of my veg box construction on page 5 and a pic of how air circulates on page 7).

    I didn't know about passive intake when I started out. Just fyi.
  5. Okay i think im going to do one intake fan and one outtake. But the problem im finding is how and where to install them. I imagine that a mini fridge would be built of some pretty tough material so i don't know

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