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  1. Hey everyone!
    Hope all are well :) first indoor to outdoor for flower this year. Currently have some lemon haze sativas making their way through veg and doing really nicely in 3gal pots. I use our own compost and fox farms grow big, later durring flower I'm thinking of using tiger bloom and molasses.

    I picked out a great spot the other day hiking deep off of the beaten path over here on the east coast. Shows maximum amount of sunlight per day, high altitude, and a stream about 1/2 mile away. I'm looking for large yields with this first outdoor ( a man can dream right :D ) but I must grow in containers being my location is nothing but rock. how big should my containers be about? How often should I hike up and water them? And is it a good idea for molasses and tigerbloom?

    I am just starting to top and train my girls and am planning on putting them out in June for a decent light schedule that's not going to immediately throw them into flower hopefully. I've read a great amount of information yet would still like to hear from others personally if that's ok.

    Thanks again everyone and happy growing!
  2. Do you have deer in that area? They will eat the hell outa some ganj. If you want yield you have to go 5 gallon or bigger. Watering will depend on the weather. Dry times it may be every other day. Can't speak to the molasses but tiger bloom should increase yield if used correctly. If they're halfway through veg, but you're not putting them out until June they should be pretty damn big (provided you put them in larger pots that allow for more growth).

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  3. Thank you very much and yes there are alot of deer. I was thinking of putting out coyote urine. And instead of spending hundreds on pots do you think it would be decent growing in modified contractor bags? Thank you again the help means the world to me. Hopefully this years going to make lots of people happy finally being able to afford good medicine!
  4. Hi Justme,
    I just wanted to say that I have grown in contractor bag holes and it works like a charm. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure that you poke a ton of holes in the bottom of the contractor bag for drainage. Peat and perlite mixes will allow you to go without water for a week easily in the contractor bags.

    Remember to put some type of fencing up. Also, sprinkle a 4 inch layer of egg shells around the seedlings. This will deter all kinds of bugs and small mammals. Cut worms are huge problem for seedlings. But since you plan on transplanting it shouldn't as big of a problem. Bunnies are a huge problem to small plants though. Even a foot tall seedlings can get eaten to the bone from them. They are really hungry in the spring.

    I have used grow big and tiger bloom for my grows and they work to make huge plants. However, I have switched to using granular organic fertilizer for my grows because it's a pain to visit your grow site carrying nutrients and mixing them. Not to mention the fact that it can lead to over watering. Molasses works fine with fox farm products, although I've never noticed it having any impact on the end product.

    If you're transplanting, then you will want 10 gallon holes lined with contractor bags for huge plants. One thing to consider is how much cannabis you are prepared to haul out of the woods come autumn.

    Good luck to you!

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