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need help sneaking edibles on a cruise

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Q_24, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. so I'm going on a Disney cruise with my older sister and her two kids next month (I'm 21 ) and it's for a week so I'm trying to bring like 5 edibles ( one a day ) can anyone tell me any good tips or tricks on how to sneak in that many edibles without getting caught cause I don't want to go on this cruise without being high I've never been on a ship so Idk how I'll feel and I don't know how tight the security is PLEASE HELP!
  2. I've got a cruise in October, so I feel ya.

    My plan is to make canna cookies and heat seal them in some empty name brand cookie bags.
    In the event I see a dog sniffing around, I'm just gonna eat the whole bag and hope I get to my room before they kick in.
    Best of luck

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    This doesn't make any sense your going away for a week and want to take 5 edibles one for each day, that should be 7 edibles not 5 as there is 7 days in a week :confused_2::confused_2:
  4. Just put them in your bag and go. They're not going to have drug dogs sniffing you out for a Disney trip.
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  6. Oh okay so they have dogs on board?? I seen other people say they put their edibles in a zip lock bag and spray the outside of the bag with either perfume or cologne then they put them in there bags but don't they check your bags before you board the ship? and if so are you even aloud to bring your own snacks, also I wasn't so sure if I would be able to do that with five Edibles LOL
  7. No but some ports will have law enforcement walking about with dogs. Just depends on the location

    Grow journal
  8. Lol youre right I should've said I was going for 5 days but do you have any tips?
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  9. we
    well we have to board in San Diego so would I be safe to bring edibles or should I just bring a dab pen
  10. lmao that's what I thought but are you absolutely sure?? also would I be safe I just brought a dab pen to smoke out there ?
  11. No I'm not but drug dogs for a Disney cruise would be absurd and doubt they'd expose kids to all that. They will most likely do a small bag check before you get on. Just re wrap them if they have anything that indicates marijuana. If not, I'm sure they don't care about some food. Unless they have a no food policy, in that case just do like most of the other people and sneak it on anyways lol. As for a vape pen, not sure if those are allowed but that would be even easier to get aboard. Just literally hold onto the pen and if you're really worried out the cartridge in your shoe or hair , be creative !
  12. well I heard they have designated smoking zones on the ship like towards the back so I'm going to actually bring my real vape and I was thinking about bringing a dab pen but thank you for the advice I really appreciate it more than you know bro
  13. If they have smoking zones you can bring blunts and have nothing to worry about. Especially with a vape. Last cruise I went was carnival, I should have brought more weed seeing as I was the only one on ship with it, had employees trying to grab :smoke:.
  14. bruhh thats a good idea and I was thinking of that too I lowkey might try and buy a dab pen though cause idk how to really roll blunts I just smoke them lmao but do you think people would know I'm smoking to get high lol
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