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Need Help Smoking Wax

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by harmonater2262, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Okay so a friend of a friend was passing trough our town ( he lives in Callifornia) but any ways he left a gram of wax at my house and said I could keep it latter, but my question is I don't have a rig but I have a bowl and a bong how should I smoke it just put on top of buds or do you have to dab it
  2. you can put it on bowls, but try to one hit it, or it will keep on burning and you will waste it.
  3. Thank u sir just did like bong snaps with it and got nice and high
  4. Thank u sir just did like bong snaps with it and got nice and high
  5. Or you can hot knife it
  6. Or just enjoy the flavor and smoke it out of a pipe if ya got 1
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    If you put it on top of a bowl I would hold the lighter right above it while lightly should see it reacting. I've never done this as I use an oil rig but would imagine that it would work quite while. A bong snap....if it doesn't all vaporize you might snap that right into the bong....just guessing though.
    Also, you can pick up an oil burner pipe/eucalyptus inhaler and smoke it with that. They look like the picture below but they might be behind the counter at your local head shop because they are commonly used for something I won't mention. You could also make an oil pipe out of a light bulb like in second picture below.
    Either one of those choices would only cost you a couple bucks vs the amount to buy an oil rig. The nice thing about those options are they are cheap and you get to experience the oil by itself. Just don't let anyone in public see you smoking with either one of those devices because it would attact more attention than a normal pipe....especially from the police.
  8. Form the wax into a snake so it can fit a king size paper length wise then roll with grinded weed. Enjoy your smoking experience but take about 10-15 hits then chill out for about 2 hours so you can enjoy the highness.
  9. amg you smoked it in a bowl???
    Go buy a torch and get a paper clip and a straw/half soda bottle.
    Torch the paper clip and heat up the wax and inhale.
    or HOTKNIFE as someone else said.
    Cheap as fuck and you can easily get high off that for a while...don't waste it.
    On bowls you are only getting a small percentage that you could get.
  10. smoking off a paper clip sounds allll bad lol, dont do that. throwing it on a bowl or buying a cheapo bubble pipe is your best bet, you could also use like 2 screens and heat up a glass rod or use hemp wick if you really need to smoke the wax alone
  11. How? it's just hot metal you can get anywhere?
    Wax needs to be vaped, burning it on a bowl is just wasting something that can get you high for a week. Unless you use a torch on a glass pipe.
  12. you still get quite high from smoking it, the "waste" is negligible, its equivalent to what you waste when you smoke instead of vape the actual buds.

    and inhaling the fumes released from metals when heated can be very toxic! paperclips are cheapo mixes of who knows what, bad news yo! theres a reason they say you should only use ti nails when dabbing..
  13. I have never found the "waste" to be negligible. Burning vs vaping I might consider negligible with herb but not wax but to each their own.
  14. All of you sound like you haven't even dabbed/used oil before, and using info from the web...lmao
    Heres how you really do it.
    1. Fill bowl halfway with weed
    2. Put a little ball of wax on it, you could use a needle or dental tools to get wax if it is melted
    3. Top the wax with more weed, so you sandwiched the oil inbetween the weed
    4. Hit the weed where the wax is, and the bowl will cherry for a long time since the "wetness" of the wax will slow it down.
    Bad thing is that the cherry won't go out, unless you cover the bowl.

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