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  1. Hi growers, I could really do with someone helping me set up..
    I want to grow 4 plants...haze..from seed, what would be the best tent, light, fan, etc.
    Size and budget aren't a problem.
    This is my first time, I'm a complete noob, so any information would be appreciated
    Thanks guys!
  2. Hey man, all equipment has it's pros and cons and it's usually down to personal preference with most of it, first off you want to start with a good size tent, I'd suggest about a 5x5, as for the rest of the equipment, it might just be worth doing a little bit of research into how they work, for example CFL's give off minimal heat, work just as well as any, can be picked up pretty cheap and save money on the electric bill, which would put those as my first and only choice, a lot of people swear by CFL's, other people swear by MH/HPS lamps, and other's, incandescent, here's an article on grow lights for you to have a quick browse, afterwards, browse around a few forums to see what actual growers are saying. As for fans, you can use anything from a couple of computer fans to an Aventa/Manrose/Ecoduct, it just depends if you want it to keep the noise levels to a minimum or if you don't mind something making a racket, something else you might want to look into a bit and make your own decision based on personal preference. Don't get me wrong, there will be plenty of people on here willing to point you in the right direction, and that's all fine and well, but what about in a year or 2 when you gather a little knowledge, change your equipment and wish you'd used it from the start. Check out my post, I've wrote down what I've used on my diy grow box in the first post, nothing fancy but as you can see from my oldest plant, works a treat and I'm seeing noticable growth daily.
  3. I'm growing in a room which is roughly 6 foot or just under its my cellar, I want to grow 5 plants in agent what size would u recommend and I planned on using a 600w light but with the low ceiling don't you think the plants will get to close once they've grown up and burn because of the low ceiling height? Would it be safer to use an LED light because I can put it closer to the plants and it won't burn them?
  4. 6 foot is plenty of height, I'd recommend aiming for 6 to 8ft in length too, it just depends how wide your plants grow, and a couple of foot width. I'm assuming you're planning on using a HPS, using a HPS light would work fine, 2 or 3 would work better but you may want to plan on getting a net in there at some point to keep some distance if needed. If you want to completely reduce any chances of heat being an issue I'd recommend using CFL bulbs as opposed to LED, or even use a combo of CFL and LED, but primarily CFL as they give off next to no heat and you can keep them about an inch or 2 away from your plants. The downside is you need more of them (about 3 per plant) but they're also so much cheaper you'll save money on them too, even with the extra bulbs, and they won't eat your electric, so your bill will be much lower.
  5. It all depends on your ability to deal with the heat, anything can be cooled.

    ^buds touching the glass on a 1kw hood.

    LED's cannot be cooled separately from your exhaust, their heat MUST be extracted through your main ventilation. Hence you will NEVER be able to get your buds as close to a comparable LED light as mine are to my 1kw hood.

    Air-cooled hoods kick the shit out of LED's in the cooling department. No comparison.
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