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    Hello all,

    I recently came across a new cabinet and will be converting it into a stealth cabinet i guess. I currently have a simple semi flimzy grow box made out of cardboard lol inside lined with black out linen.I cut a hole on top for vent for fan i took out of microwave but lets light leak so it is why im upgrading. Will post up the pic. I need help setting up my new stealth. I have a idea but wanted to see if i could get any input from other more experienced growers.

    My idea was to convert it into a 2 flowering chamber or maybe 1 for flowering and other part divided into two parts and have 2 vegative sections. I do have shelfs that came with cabinet i can reattached. I want to install a fan with carbon scrubber attached like ive seen in many DIY videos on this site but im still unsure what best placement for fan what size, power etc. Not sure about intake fans on so on. I like this set up: Please help. The cabinet is about 4ft tall, 3ft wide and ruffly 2ft depth. i have caulked the inside for leaks but cant get the edges of door and so on. Any ideas? Im fairly new but im doing some work but surfing thru others ideas and adjusting them to mines. Please let me know what ideas you may have of set ups.
    I have only grown twice and 1st attempt was a damn male ( ) so it was murdered and currently have a supposed white widow growing bout 1ft 4inches. Open to any ideas and suggestions or comments. I will post pics of my current idea and a blank in case anyone can fill in. Check out my currently grow @

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  2. i got a cab similar to yours, i used some foam weather stripping. it comes in a roll that you can get from the depot. its not to expensive and easy to apply and works great.
  3. Hey thanks for the response. I'm going to try to go buy some of that foam weather strip and put it into use. Still gathering info regarding final set up but most likely will be 1 flowering chamber and one vegative/ mother. I will be looking up DIY vid on carbon scrubber.
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    Hello GC,

    I have decided to take it one section at a time due to the economy. I will be working on section A: Flower Stage. It is about 4ft height, 1ft 7inches wide and length. I have now installed foam weather stripping on the edges of the door and also have caulked the interior. Its now light proof.

    I plan to install insulation that has a reflective backing on most of the wall. Exhaust wise my plan is to put either a 4" or 6" inline fan near top connected to dyi carbon scrubber. Intake wise I think I will place a fan I removed from a microwave. I'm going as green as possible lol near the bottom. I am unsure what the CFM speed is but its strong.

    Light wise I plan to use a 300 watt CFL with ballast and 4x 150 watt CFL via 2x twin lamp sockets suspended above also via chains. For side lighting I might use 2x florecent tube lights. Will see how it goes. Fingers crossed.
  5. are you talking about t5 or t8 bulbs?
  6. Hey Tihspeed ,
    I'm not sure what those are lol I'm a newcomer. I was thinking those 1ft or 2ft florecent tube shop lights mounted to wall. Any suggestions?
  7. whats the budget? maybe you should let others help design your grow area... those shop lights cost money.. maybe spending the money on a HPS MH grow would work way better... I wouldn't invest money just yet.... put together exactly what you plan to get and what your budget is

    list any and all things you have now..... maybe post up some pics...

    and a pic of your grow area and some temp readings

    don't worry about being new and not knowing stuff.....
  8. Hey,

    I was thinking that budget wise for lights and carbon scrubber and so on probably about $150 in all to spend. I currently have a plant vegatating in closet under a 300watt CFL with ballast and 2x 150watt CFL with ballast suspended above on chains. The pics above in thread are same things I have I copy n pasted for visual.

    I have tought hps 150watts similar to sungrow I'd seen online but its like $75 and sine I'm new and semi broke I'm tring to do 1st harvest or so cheapest but best way. So tis why I'm using CFL's. Also I know a friend who's advising CFLs and shop lights the florecent tubes.

    Currently temp wis I try to maintain temp @ between 68-79 and humidity between 40- 55. Check out mr current grow which I want move into flower chamber. Also heheh never knew ppl would design a set up for you since I'm having issues getting responses lol. Thanks,
  9. it happens man... kinda on stoner time man... things take a while....

    so.... you got 150 bucks... and you want to get lights even though you have some already?

    and carbon filters are easy to build... less than fifty... so now you got a hundy... what you lookin to get? be specific bob
  10. Hey Tihspeed,

    After viewing spacing I think if stick with the 300watt CFL with ballast the other 2 with Ballast they won't fit. So maybe ill make 2x twin lamp socket holdig 150watts CFL so totaling 600watts combined. I plan to suspend them via chain.

    Thanks for the thread post for carbon scrubber will def put to use. I guess now I'm wondering if I should use a 4" or 6"inch inline fan. Also do I install a fan blowing Inward near bottom?
  11. One fan. Pulling air out of your space. Not pushing it in

    need the size of your grow space
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    The size of the flowering chamber is about 4ft height, 1ft 7inches width and 1ft 7inches depth so similar to like a locker in school. So all I need is a inline fan push air out into the carbon scrubber? Also new question I currently have my widow in my closet and I hope to get cabinet ready and move my soon to be flowering Widow there my question is, can I use that chamber for flowering and harvest/ dry once its the plant is ready to harvest? I had tought since I only have one plant ready for flowering once done I just turn off lights and hang dry in same chamber. Good or Bad idea?? Do you have a estimate as to what type of yield to expect from maybe a 4 footer? I ask because I don't want to invest in a carbon scrubber attached to cabinet and a seperate dyi air purifier for room if I cant harvest n dry in same cabinet section.
  13. 9 cubic feet in your grow
    54 cfm rated fan is all you need

    you can dig this size of fan outbid most computers

    yes you can use you same grow area to dry.
  14. Sup Tihspeed,

    Buddy thanks for all your help. I'm happy to hear that I can use the space for both my venture and not having to worry about putting out cash for 2 diy odor controllerd hehehe. So is it safe to. Assume that a 4inch inline booster fan will do the trick? Will it handle the odor of 1 mere plant? Any guess on what type of yield to expect from a maybe 4ft finished female?
  15. Hello GC,

    These are some pics of the cabinet and sections i wanted to eventually work on. Also included is a pic of a fan i removed from a microwave. Blows crucial... any ideas what CFM? At the moment this is the supposed Widow almost going into flowering stage that i want to put into section A of the cabinet chamber.

    Eventually id dream of section B being used for housing a mother. I would like to see section C for clones or Vegative staged plants. Dreams that hopefully will become reality. Well will see if I can set up Cabinet in time to use it with the supposed Widow.:)

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    Hello GC,

    Well I was bored yesterday and decided to try out this microwave fan since I couldn't get a answer on if it was strong enough for my cabinet so I guess time for trial by error. Now the only thing I noticed is when I shut the door the suction noise sounds lower and exhaust output feels lowered but I do feel it pullen air out. Tested it with a lighter. Might be since its my first cabinet grow and need for odor control via carbon scrubber. I'm going to try the small D.I.Y Walmart carbon scrubber.
  17. Hello GC,

    Well i found some time to move around and added some foam weather strips around the fan. It's working ok but i have yet to make a carbon scrubber. I got more bored during the day so i decided to test the cabinet for fitting with the current size of the Widow being almost 2ft and almost like 2ft wide. I came to find out that it was almost as wide as the cabinet so it would make it hard to install lighting for the side. So i decided to use the cabinet for Vegative stage and Flower and possibly Cloning. One step at a time for me due to the economy so Vegative chamber was 1st.I have gone ahead and added a shelf to split the 1st chamber into 2 parts. One is currently Vegatating some beans other part is currently unused. I decided to keep the Widow in the closet and i will flower it there due to plent of space for lighting and i will just make a DIY carbon purifier using ONA and other materials. I will post up some pics i currently have.:hello:

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  18. Hello GC,

    Had a change of plans due to my plant being already to wide to fit in the flowering chamber i had planned for it. What i decided to do what convert that part into 2 sections using the shelfs. I now use it for Vegative Stage plants. Below i plant to keep a mother and in largest part use it to Flower. This time i will use it to flower smaller induced plants. Well i hope. Well hes a pic of the only chamber thats ready. Enjoy. Will keep in touch.

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  19. Hey Tihspeed ,

    I was wondering if you had a example of t5 bulb? I see a couple different types on amazon. I cant pin point which is for me. Also correct me if im wrong is Soft white for Veg and Bright for flowering or other way around. i know that 6500k is Veg and 2700k is flowering. Hate to bug but its hard for me to look up stuff due to fact im using a cell phone and stupid net is slow. Thanks pplz. Grown ON!!

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