need help setting up my first grow

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  1. If I post this in the wrong place plz let me know.I need help at this point. I have read to the point where things are now getting confusing.If some one could please help me with the final set up,I would be in debt for ever.Plz no neg replay on my equipment I just broke the bank buying this stuff. I have all this stuff and dont know how to put it together. This is my list of supplies.

    1. Hydrohut S 36x20x68
    2. 400 watt hps&mh digital ballast
    3. Euro 6in cool tube
    4. Ducting
    5. 6 inch fan 275 cfm
    6. 2 clip fans 100 cfm
    7. 2 4inch inline fans 160 cfm
    8. 4in canister fan 235 cfm
    9. 4 inch carbon elf filter
    10. Fox farm light warrior
    11. fox farm ocean forest
    12. fox farm full line nutes
    13. dutch master penetrate and liquid lamp
    14. dutch master reversal
    15. 3 sq 5 gal buckets
    16. jiffy pot starter tray
    17. 5 fem Barney farm g13xhaze seeds
    18. all gauges
    That is my list of equipment,it is all sitting in the room,my question is how do i set up the ventilation correctly? If you have any helpful insight please share. There will be 3 plants at one time. I just need to know how to hook up the ventilation system. Thank you for your thoughts.
  2. intake=2x exhaust... passisve intakes are the easiest

    standard way to run your system would be-- (pulling)scrubber--->cool tube---> fan----> (Pushing)exhaust out. Then set up your smaller fans to circulate your intake air.

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