Need Help Setting Up Grow!!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by PAMid's, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. have a 30"x30"x40" grow spot and need help deciding on what to do

    im growing hashberry so im gonna need efficient light.

    PICS UP LATER!:smoking:
  2. a 400 will do just fine in a small space like that...
    maybe even just a couple cfl's would do it
    you prolly want to talk to DrBudGreengenes about small
  3. Are ya doin Seeds or Clones?
    Whats the budget?
    Is this just a flowering room ? or is it gonna contain Mom ,Kids, and Buds? :smoking:
  4. Straight HASHBERRY from seed.

    im not worried about ventilation until flowering.

    I wanted 4 females with adequate light

    i was thinking a t5 fixture would be perfect but i dont think they make em 2'x2'

    MH or

    budget is like 150 for light system and mylar
  5. Sure they do,,,,
  6. you are probably gonna want to go with the cfl's.
    im pretty sure you can veg and bud with the with the full spectrum version, and a couple bulbs will give you close to the same ammount of lumens as a 400watt bulb
    plus they are cheaper, and you wont have to buy a 400 hps when you want to start flowering.
  7. that t5 is 200 with shipping

    i just cant handle that right now
  8. im talkin about cfl's from walmart, theyre cheap and they do the trick, just look at DrBudGreengenes photos and youll see what I mean
  9. New pics

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