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  1. Buying a house want to set up a nice little babi room. Few yrs back hung out with some growers, been out of the loop for a while seen in my time 4 nice rooms learned alot but forgot alot. I would like to get back involved but want to do it right. Not hocki stuff I don't mind spending the money but if I can keep my costs down that would be great. One of my buddies moved to Cali so it can't help me here. But he was a Jedi Master and could make some serious magic happen. I want to started with ten then up to 25 but will bye the epuip to handle 30 any suggestions would help.

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  2. Is anybody awake tonight or are the kiddies in bed?
  3. I am no veteran but since I toke a's my point of view...

    To start with 10 female plants would be too wasteful if you have ample space to widen out to about 25-30.

    Don't pinch on the lights. Set aside some 300-400 bucks for HPS and MH lamps.

    If you are thinking of selling to make more dough for your op. Be discreet.....never disclose your address to anyone....

    Caught dealing and growing = felony to the power of 2.

    My advice: Grow 25-40 seedlings using SOG or SROG.

    Growing in soil could yield more cash per ounce, gram or what-not.

    I've known lots who hates hydros.....but I smoke anything that is good....

    Grow Safe!
  4. Thanks Wavy Gravy Maybe I will rent sounds safer. I would never give out my address or talk to anyone big nono in the the Jedi Academy. As long as you stay under 99 plants you won't go to federal prison. But to stay on the safe side stay under 50 and have access to a good lawyer and your good to go. Word of advice to those out there always have some money put away for the not so special occasion.

  5. Would just like to say i've grown in soil and have now been growing hydro for the second crop and the resuls from my nft tanks far outweighed my soil attempts, and did not take up as much space.
  6. Hey r2.

    All the pros are takin a break, so your stuck with... ::::evil smile:::: me.

    First of all, Youll have to decide on wether you want to go hydro or soil, I am unaware of how much you know about either one, so if you have any questions, go for it. Many argue that hydro is THE way to go. No lugging 20 or 40 lb. bags of soil in to your house (which of itself can appear pretty suspicious to one of bush's new tippers) besides, soil makes a mess, even a non pro can tell you this; Plants do seem to grow slower in soil, as they have to work to find the nutrients, and water unlike hydro where these are constantly available, it seems that you'd be more likely to attract insect while working with soil than with hydro also, I suppose the list could go on and on as with anything. Yet on the other hand, a soil grow can be a good learning experience, and is probably the reccomended way to go for one who is just starting off. It will help you get to know the ropes of this field, It will teach you the basics of growing, the requirements for doing so and what your babies likes and needs are, youll learn the do's and dont's and just as you make less mistakes as you get older, so it will be with growing. Also since soil is RELATIVELY mantainence free, you'll probably be less stressed and you'll have a sense of accomplishment while gaining confidence (This comes in good use) toward the more complicated hydroponic grows. hydro certianly can be and usually is, more comlicated than soil, You must make sure everything is right, I dont think there is MUCH room for error, you have to constantly check the ph, the strength of your solution and the temp of the water, there can be many parts to replace if something breaks, or doesnt work properly, you have to know what your doing, you have to have a basic if not a more advanced knowledge base of what exactly your plants needs are. Yet hydro does appear to be the ultimate way to go, as your plants could grow bigger and do so faster than with soil if everything goes well. but Like I said, there is much to know, you'll have to learn how to read certian test results, such as a ph and tds (total dissolved solids) to measure your solution and make sure its right, Im sure this cant be too difficult perhaps its not the actual reading, but what to do once you've got it, that is the difficult part. it takes time to learn, as with everything. it will require practice, (no shit sherlock) youll probably be running a trial and error system for a while, until you get more aquainted with the hydro hoops, but if you are allready familliar with these requirements, perhaps hydro is for you. shit Listen to me... Im using flourescents to light a hermaphrodite plant caused by my lack of intelligence to make absolute certian that my box was leak proof, and I bought a cheap timer on top of it all, which is hours off... so just tell me to shove it if you find many errors in my advice, but I think it made good sence. and if it doesnt!, Blame the source! :)~

    Next issue, is lights... Wether you go Soil or hydro, GET GOOD LIGHTS. If you have a choice, Dont depend flouros for your whole grow like me...

    The reccomendation is to use 50 watts per square foot of lighted area, and you said you have space for 25 plants, but according to whom? go here for information on picking a light for your space:

    Its also reccomended that you use a MH (Metal Halide - More blue in the spectrum) for vegging your plants and to use a HPS (high pressure sodim - more red in the spectrum) for the flowering cycle. It is possible to do a complete grow with either one, but if you are to choose just one, I would suspect most would say to go with the HPS. There is also what is called a conversion bulb which will allow you to use a mh in a hps ballast or vice versa, look em up on a search engine, there are many sources. You can use flouros to keep your seedling lighted though, up till you put them in the veg room.

    Again, Im not sure how much you know, but most everything you need is located throughout this site, if you dont get a quick response to questions, you can almost be sure that it has been answered already...probably many times. you just have to search a little bit.

    Id say to get yourself some soil, and try a small grow Maybe Five plants to get aquainted with the basics, like I was saying... Get some good potting soil, and some flourescent fixtures to keep your seedlings growing(ok, ok, just becaus im doing it, and its working i have to say it is possible to go completely flourescent, but don't expect fast, or huge or dense growth, cause you wont get it.) and some small containers for your seedlings, and some larger ones for transplanting them into you can go with 3 gallons, but the larger the better. this will get you started, you wont have to worry about dark periods if you leave the lights on 24 hours, but if you are to go with 18 on and 6 off, you have to make sure that no light whatsoever leaks into your grow space, otherwise your plants might do as mine did..and herm out on ya. but germinate your seeds (you can find all this starter information on also have plans for constructiong a hydro system,...i think you know this already.) and sow them in your small containers keep them dark until they sprout then stick them under your lights until your ready to take on the transplanting task (sooner the better) I reccomend heading over to that faq site and reading all the info you can find on starting will help, then, if you have any questions that arent answered or if the person who wrote the answer was a little to high at the time, re ask it, youll be sure to get your answer in a short amount of time....

    Hope this minageree of words helped a bit.

    Take care, stay safe.

  7. well i may not be a pro but my advise is to definately go with hydro, im on my fist hydro trial and am finding the results so far excellent, its not that complicated just make sure you get heaps of info and advise. its definately much quicker than soil and very pleasing when you check youre babys every day and discover how much they can grow overnight. this is agreat sight to get all your info for your progect so good luck!
  8. Thanks peeps I appreciate the imput. I will look at the site some more. But my experience is more with soil but i am finding out more and more that Hydro might be the better way to go. It seems that more people are getting better yields in volume with less plants with the water way. It feels good to now that people are out there to help.
  9. Especially thanks to you AVE. Good imput.
  10. :) Ave! when you decide on a system, make sure you post on what system it is and what you have in mind with it. opinions can be helpfull.

    Take care. GO slow, and youll be fine all the way around.


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