Need help setting up first grow setup

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by funtomake, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. So Ive tried some outdoor grows but something always ended up happening to my babies :( Oh well its winter now so time for some indoor shit! Ive got to keep it on the low down cuz of roomates but I have an insulated garage with old highschool lockers I was considering using, how much light would I need for say 2 plants and how well do carbon filters work? cuz i need this to be ABSOLUTELY smell free. Im pretty good at fabricating stuff so thats not an issue just need ideas and tips. THanks in advance :smoke:
  2. your gonna have your work cut out for you.. thats alot of work and trying to keep the smell out and trying to not let people know what your doing? there's gonna be light blasting out of your grow area.. how do you hide that?

    carbon filters work, really well... even when home made.. they just have to be made right

    cfl's work great for a small locker.. and their cheap and cheap to run..
    100watts of actual wattage, not replacement value, per plant
  3. Yeah i know i have my work cut out for me, like I said im a champ at fabrication so I was planning on sealling the vents and doors, and silicone plugging all the holes in the locker. As far as venting it goes, theres stacks of stuff on them that never gets touched i was going to run a vent with a carbon filter to the attic of the garage, if I like the way it goes I may even take out the dividers and get double wide grow settups. Ill probably get reflective material for all the walls and floor. thanks for the tips and feedback on carbon filters

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