Need help setting up an Ebb n Flow system or resevoir system

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Fruitloops, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I need to set up an ebb and flow system for a horticulture/greenhouse project.. All I know, or think I know about ebb and flow is that the plants sit in a resevoir of water and draw water from the bottom as opposed to being watered from the top. Any and all help/info/input would be great...
  2. how ya doing fruit loops...

    Actually the flood and drain has two containers, a top one and one lower, the lower one is the res, thats where the water sits, then a few times a day it fills the upper tray for a timed flood then drains in the lower res.

    The explantation you have here sounds more like dwc.

    Wich one you want info on my friend...Ill try and help ya out..
  3. bud slinger while you're at it maybe you could answer my question as well.
    how many times a day would you recomend feeding the plants for fastest growth, with an eb and flow system?
  4. It depends on what stage ur plants are at... you have to build the root structure before you go crazy, but good growth should happen all the way thru, without any trouble..

    i would need to know how old the plant is
    are there roots coming out of the cube
    what ur temps

    I dont just set it and run the floods are according the plants stage..IMO..
  5. temperatur is between 75 to 81
    co2 ppm is 1200 -1500
    plants are in second week of growing stage (veg) all have rooted and are growing well
    humidity is 45% constant, and i can't make it go any higter
    good air circulation
    lights never go off
    all indica breeds
    currently fedding 4 times in 24 hour period

    so what do you think? could i add a feeding or two to make them grow faster?

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