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Need help rollin blunts/joints..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Caked&Baked, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. alright so im gettin some weed tomorrow and wanna smoke it in a joint/blunt whatever you wanna call them but ive never rolled one before so I need to know 1. since i dont have rolling papers what kinds of paper can i use to smoke with and 2. how do i roll it?

    thanks in advance
  2. go to google. type how to roll a j. proceed. also go buy papers. its well worth it, 32 papers in a zig zag pac, 2 bucks. take it easy man.
  3. Zig Zag Oranges is the only way for a joint. If your smoking ditch weed break it up and deseed it. if your smoking real weed put it in a shot glass and slowly chop it up with a pair of scissors.

    Take on paper and at the fold roll it in between you fingers forming the paper so it want to roll for you. Evenly spread the weed in the paper with a small amount of space at each end. Start in the middle and begin to roll out. You should at this point have the adhesive at the top and all of the weed at the bottom with a small flap so the paper would look like a J if you were looking at from the side. Tuck the flap over the weed and proceed to roll. Lick the adhesive and you should have a smokable joint.

    It may take you a couple of times to get the true technique that fits you. I would suggest practicing a couple of time and smoke a bowl while you do it. :hello:
  4. hahaha real weed
  5. If I were you i'd start with blunts, IMO they're easier to roll and I enjoy them alot more.

    Dutch masters roll the best from my expirience
  6. I don't know where you buy your papers but where I live (Nova Scotia, Canada) we get 100 papers for a dollar.
  7. Yes real weed. No seeds, sticky not compressed. AKA Nugs, not ditch weed.:D
  8. Blunt wraps are very easy. Perfect square, no cutting, nice and moist, not much licking required. I can roll a perfect blunt with a wrap, won't burn uneven, burns slow, even has a mouthpiece with no extra paper!

    i would recommend you start off using white-owls.
    they are the easiest blunts to use.

    blunt wraps are a little more tricky to get the initial hang of if you have never rolled a blunt before.

    but once you get a couple white owls down, step into the big boy world and start rolling dutchs.
  10. dude no offence but u sound like you just started smoking last night
    and if you think you are going to roll a blunt or a joint on your first try..YOU WILL FAIL MISERABLY.
    but um my advice is to get a box of dutches
    and watch this video
    it made me the Dutch Master I am today
    I roll like him. and my blunts look perfect and hit perfect.
  11. um wtf
    this just confused the living shit out of me
    how is rolling a white owl easier than a wrap?!!?
    white owl you have to cut it and take off cancer paper and lick the two pieces together...
    the only thing i like about white owls is the smell of the tube. you cant even deleaf them so you have to cut them open and then the blunt looks ugly with a huge seam through one side

    wraps are prolly best for this kid cuz all you gotta do is open the wrapper and roll it

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