Need help restoring this sentimental/beautiful illadelph...see if you can help me out

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    This beautiful illadelph ashcatcher/diffuser snapped on me yesterday.

    Both the tube and the ash catcher have equal amount of sentimental value to me, since the whole setup was purchased and used by a friend who has passed away.

    The bong's joint size is close to 14mm (I say close because i do not now the exact measurement illadelph uses) and the ash catcher went right in.

    Now my thought was maybe I can find a new down stem to reconnect the bong and the ash catcher. I am not that educated in this field to know if it is even possible to find a down stem that will fit an Illadelph bong 14mm and also hold the ashcatcer which fit right into the 14mm bong(so I would assume the ash catcher is also 14mm)

    Any responses and ideas will help(except for the people that will tell me to just go buy a new $220 ash catcher, I don't want to hear that)
  2. When you look at the picture, you can see that the ash catcher will still fit into the is just that the down stem to the bong's water has snapped off, this is why my only thought was to maybe be able to buy a new down stem.
  3. clean it out very good, and take it down to some local headshop/blowers. Lots of them wouldnt mind doing a repair. I would advise making it a good, reputable blower though as if you just find some random dude he might end up fucking it all up.
  4. Just buy a downstem with a 18mm joint and put the ashcatcher in
  5. Damn, if its that sentimental, retire it. As others have said, a glassblower is your best bet.
  6. u cant fit the ash catcher into a 14mm illy downstem....u need some one with glass blowing skillz
  7. fishbone on boromarket could do the repair. thats the only one i know.
  8. sorry about your friend, I'd have to agree with finding a local glassblower and talk to them about repair. Just clean with iso beforehand
  9. you could fix it on your own with a blowtorch. mastah rolla recently did a video where he fixed a peice that was similar. the key is just giving the glass plenty of time to heat up and plenty of time to cool down.


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