Need help repairing vape whip!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by 420rowdyguy, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. So ten minutes ago I satt on my bed and moved my bowl out of the way before I sat on it (the one in the pic) and it hits my whip! (also on the bed)

    And I hear the sound no stoner ever wants to hear...

    I look at my whip and the female bowl end broke clean off, do you guys know of any safe super glue to use on this break to repair it?

    I have miter bond (an industrial bonding glue) but its extremely toxic and since the break is on the part that sits on the heating element I can't use it

    I'm looking for a heat resistant ceramic glue, that would be safe to use on my whip, needs to resist up to 400*

    Thanks guys, anyone who gives me the answer I'm looking for gets rep!

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  2. Thanks but I'm looking for something I can get at a store, since I don't have the funds or patience to deal with ordering off the Internet,

    my vape took long enough to ship to me and I absolutely hate the wait... Lol

    Plus shipping..

  3. Well in that case, just go to a local hardware store and look for a heat resistant glue, or even better, go to a headshop and get a new whip(can't imagine they'd be more that 10-15$). We don't know what products will be on the shelves at your local stores.
  4. When I broke my wand I taped it back together with black electrical tape, its pretty heat resistant, I just vaped on low for the next week until my new wand came in the mail.

    I guess try that, I have no idea if its safe or not, but it worked for me

    its hard finding a new wand at a local headshop, I have a pretty popular vaporizer and not one carried mine. I had to order it off of the site

  5. yes but you know what's on your stores shelves, and I can go from there

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