Need help repairing Bong.

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  1. Heeeyyy there blades. I dont know if this is the right section for this or not, if it isn't mods please feel free to relocate this..

    Last December my mother bought me a 22 inch bong for Christmas. This was my first serious bong and i honestly had no idea about heat making glass expand, and like an idiot i decided to clean it out with scalding hot water.. Eventually after a few times the bong started to develop a crack in it. On its last cleaning cycle i had it half full of water and the top part basically exploded. Here's what it looks like now.


    When it broke i decided fuck it, Im not going to try and cut my face up smoking out of it. I took out the Downstem and rubber gromet.

    Now my 19th birthday is approaching and it will officially end my T break.. Id like to reward myself with a treat. So im planning on breaking this sucker back out for the party... Heres where it gets intresting,

    A few weeks ago my mother decided to come into my room and clean up my smoking area while i was out. She basically threw away everything she thought was trash, Including my weed because it was Purple and she thought it was only green.. Now she threw away the rubber gromet too. I've managed to make a new one out of foil and saran wrap, im planning to put a piece of rubber band around it to completely seal it, Here's a picture of that



    The question i have is how do i manage the top part of this? Do i file it down with a large file or sand it down? Im not really sure if the file would do further damage to the glass or not.



    Id really appreciate some information on this. Thanks guys/gals
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    You could save yourself the trouble and get a new bong or...

  3. Just tried the string and flame method and it didn't work. The glass is too thick.
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    I'm not sure. It's worth a try. If you could get your hands on a wine bottle cutter that would be the way to go.

    You could sand it down and remove the sharp edges. It wouldn't look as nice as cutting but if you decide to cut there's a chance the bong could get fucked, completely.

    Edit: I would take an exacto knife and score the bong just below the top and do the hot water method.

  5. Thanks, this is actually what im about to try. I dont think i have an exacto knife but im sure i can find a fairly sharp one. And if that doesn't work im just goint to try and sand it down.
  6. Turns out i don't have a sharp enough knife, and the edges of the glass completely destroyed the sand paper. I have a buddy of mine checking his garage to see if he has a glass cutter.
  7. Shitty.

    Hopefully your buddy has a cutter. If not, go pick up an exacto knife from your hardware shop and give it a go. It will be a bit of work. On the first score, apply enough pressure to lightly score it and every time you go over it apply a little more pressure. You want to stay on the same path so it breaks evenly.

    Good luck man.
  8. i would buy a new one, i realize it was a christmas present but it just seems like its more work then its you might cut ur face if u dont do it properly
  9. I found one in my fathers hobby box but its dull and needs some sharpening.
    When i get it sharp tomorrow im going to try it again, thanks for the help mate.

    And i know its a lot of trouble to do this but guys, i have a LOT of time on my hands lol... I need something to occupy myself
  10. Don't breathe in the glass dust, it's pretty bad for lungs.

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