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  1. ok so here is the situation. i am running out of rolling papers ( these ones to be exact, and i dont know wich ones are similar in quality. i would describe them as very strong for ultra thin papers, they are sort of see through, unbleached, and they have corners.

    could any of you suggest a brand with similar qualities to me? (namely strength and unbleached.)
  2. "Pure Hemp" brand are real nice if you can find em.
  3. thanks man. are they strong and shit?
  4. Yea I like em allot they come in king size too which is why I mentioned them.

  5. sweet. btw, do they smell like weed when burned? cuz i dont only roll joints with papers, i also roll cigarettes everyday...that would be gay trying to explain to a cop that that aint a joint haha! lol.
  6. yeah elements are the shit, but i also roll cigarettes and i smoke outside usually....and its windy....and elements burn too quick in the wind...and its really annoying when that happens :(
  7. lol not sure what they smell like when just burned but I doubt they smell like weed any more then hemp wick or hemp rope would.
  8. Rizla silver (ultra thin), Rizla blue (fine)... I like blue better (easier to handle)... when papers get too thin they usually get waxy.

    nice homemade
  9. Yeah i was thinking something along the lines of rizla silver. I wonder how strong rizla blue is. The problem is that the gas station beside my house only sells a couple of brands of papers ( most of wich i dont like) and the nearest headshop or tobacconist is like an hour away on car, and i dont have one :mad:

    Thanks for the complent on the bong. Tooo me 4 hrs to make. God im high right now
  10. I prefer Elements rice papers or Raw Hemp papers. Both of these are made by the same company, so they both have the criss-cross watermark on them that makes them burn considerably more evenly than any others. I don't even buy papers anymore because I use my pipe all the time, but I would never buy anything made by Rizla if I had a choice. I tried using Rizla rice papers while I was in Ibiza because I couldn't find Elements there, and they were noticeably worse...
  11. Just buy a box of the Rizla's you like online dude :) I use Hempire papers when I roll joints, and I bought them online until I found a place that sold them.
  12. put up with it, go to the circle K and buy some Ziggity Zags.
  13. I've been using Roor and OCB papers lately and they served me pretty well. Nice and thin but still strong, burn well too. They're rice papers. Or just Some Zigzags too, always good.
  14. i finally made a trip to a local tobacconist, and bought the following papers: rizla blue, elements ultra thin, pure hemp, raw, and of course zig zags. i find that pure hemp is pretty good, and raw is something you should prolly avoid to roll cigarettes with. not buying raw again. right now im using the elements good shit. thanks for the help! more suggestions are welcomed :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::smoke::smoke:
  15. buuuuuuuump

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