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Need help quick!!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dankydank182, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hey GC! [​IMG] So this is the situation, i got in a little scrap with some kid at school, and since i kicked his ass he wants to press charges. This kid happens to be an illegal, but since he had 4 of his friends write reports saying i beat him up because of his ethnicity, and i only have 1 report saying the truth, he can go fourth and proceed pursuing charges. Little does he know i have 8 people writing reports for me today and sending them in, in which i can go fourth and pursue countercharges for starting the fight, trying to jump me, and threatining me with a weapon.. ANYWAY LET ME GET TO THE POINT- IF i do end up going to court and battling it out (There is no court date set yet by the way) will i get drug tested for any reason at all? I've tried to be careful ever since the cop told be his family wants to pursue charges, but, it's hard when you have an eigth sitting in your room [​IMG] Anyway, last time i probably smoked was last week, and latley the passed months i've only been smoking once or twice a week on the weekends. Is there ANY possiblity i would get drug tested, and if so, what should i do to try and pass it? Because i'm planning on getting a half O, and i'd hate to see it just sit in my room for the duration [​IMG] Anyway, please, someone help me out? Thanks [​IMG]
  3. i doubt you`ll get drug tested, you seem to be over reacting man
  4. Why would they drug test you?

    If you don't give them a reason to then you probably won't.

    This is kind of a common sense question brah.
  5. #6 Rhymesayers420, Sep 28, 2010
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    Why would they drug test you for assault charges that have nothing to do with herb?
    If you haven't even gone to court yet, you're gonna show up like 3 times before anything happens. Depending on which state you live in and your record, you might get formal probation which WILL then test you no matter what. However, they always go through terms and conditions at the courthouse after your sentenced, so if you did get on Pro-B and one of your terms was to get tested, you'd still have like 2 weeks to get clean before you see them. If you get off with informal, you're fine.
  6. If he's actually an "illegal" as you call it...can he actually press charges? I'd think not...I'm not sure how that works where you are though. I would assume if he's actually withoug the proper permits to reside there, then he'd want to stay right away from the legal system, so I'd think if this story were true, you would not have much to worry about?

    That said, if you're just talking about someone that's a different race from you, or who has immigrated legally then you might want to go with less derogatory terminology...kind of makes you seem a little racist, like someone who might attack or have a go at someone on account of their race.

    Also 8 people is overkill. Will look like you're lying and coaching them on what to say.
  7. Thanks guys, i live in arizona by the way... And yeah. i just don't want to take any chances, because if the charges actually go through in court, i remember one of the officers saying i will then be on probation or something like that. But i doubt it'll happen once i counter sue, since all they care about is the money, and the probably won't want to battle it out in court because of a little fight. And sorry if i seem racist to any of you, i'm just really pissed about the situation, y'know?:( anyway, this helps a lot, i just can't get my mind right, i've never been to court for anything before.:rolleyes: Hopefully never will have to...

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