need help quick!! only got a few mins!!

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  1. soo i took an allergic reaction to sumthing yesterday and today and its pretty itchy and shit, but anywayy the problem iss my mom brings me some allergy pills and i want to take some but i took a whole lot of ritalin and concerta today and i dont know if it'll mix well or not?? so what does everyone think?? am i good to take some??

    any help appreciated thanks:confused:
  2. I would think it would be safe to take. Antihistimines make you tire so I guess they might be mild depressants, but I doubt there would be any interaction. They would probably have a warning or something if there was, because a lot of people take allergy medicines and ADD medicine
  3. yaa i guess thats right, she said it makes yah tired to so ill probly take it later... im leaving in a min and i just wanted to know if im good to take it so thanks:D
  4. Actually I just found this article and it said zyrtec is safe with ritalin/concerta (methylphenidate), but it isn't recommended to mix with the kind that also has pseudoephedrine in it. So make sure the allergy medicine doesn't have psuedoephedrine, because it is a mild stimulant and may add to the effects of the ritalin. I'm just curious, how much ritalin/concerta did you actually take?
  5. calm down on the pills lol

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