need help quick. adderal

Discussion in 'General' started by love2trip, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. ive never done amphetamines before and my boy gave me like 8 50mg pills. i took one on monday at about 8.30am and another one on tuesday morning at 8.30am, since then i havnt slept. i feel restless, ive tried smoking bud till i sleep but it dnt work. just wondering if im gona be alright on 50mg? im pretty anxious too. im 5'4, 7.5% body fat, 120 lbs. i have had coke experience by the way.
  2. I think you'll be fine...
  3. first of all, you will be fine. Second of all if you have anyleft either sell them or throw them away because that shit will one day suck the life out of you. adderall is a cousin of methamphetamine and one nickname people use for meth is shit and let me tell you something my friend. It is my duty to inform you that they call it shit for a reason. Now that you possess the knowledge about this drug your fucking with its up to you with what you do with it. I always stick by the golden rule, know about whatever your fucking with whether its drugs or anything. Just know, I dont mean to be all up in your business but my guess is your 15 and going to end up addicted to amphetamines like i used to be. save yourself the trouble and just smoke weed man.:smoke::cool: nothing but love man.

    granted, Adderall in itself PROBABLY(cant stress probably enough)doesnt possess the power to fuck up your life meth sure as fuck does. And there is no doubt in my mind if you start doing adderall and liking it no time at all you'll be a tweaker on meth,crystal,ice.

    me personally, im a fan of life and i like it alot.

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