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  1. My friend and I recently took some X, and it was no big deal to us because we had taken it before. We rolled our balls off and had a really good time, but somehow during the night my friend started feeling wierd and not being able to breathe properly. We got worried and eventually took him to the hospital. The doctor's said that somehow he ruptured his lung and air escaped into his chest and neck cavities. They didn't actually DO anything about it, just told us what was going on and let it take care of itself. Apparently my friend's body sealed up his lung on its own, so they just needed to wait for the air to dissipate. During the night, my friend had worked up a huge thirst and drank water much too fast, causing him to cough and throw up violently. The doctor's told us this is probably what caused the situation to begin with. Problem is, it's been a while and he took some again, and it started happening again, only this time we know what it is and how to handle it better. This time around he didn't cough or throw up, so that means it doesn't have anything to do with that, it's just the X. My question is this. Does anyone know how this might be causing a ruptured lung? Is it something that can be fixed, or is he just never going to be able to take X without this happening? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. i doubt x is rupturing lungs.
    i had pnemonia over the winter,which is a small hole in your lung. i didnt get it treated properly and my step mom who is a nurse said because of this it didnt heal right and strenuous breathing, or coughing or things of that nature could rip it right back open.
    shouldnt the doctors have done something about a ruptured lung?
  3. They took x-rays and said that the lung had healed itself up somehow. They didn't actually find a hole, there was just a whole lot of air in his chest and throat cavities, outside of his lungs that wasn't supposed to be there.
  4. yea the exact same thing happened to me it sounds a lot worse then it actually is.

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