Need Help- Put too many plants in my flower tent. Reveg? Use veg tent for flower?'

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ohio1121, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. First grow, 4 plant limit, using 2 tents with HLG QB lights.

    I'm trying to yield as much as I can annually with this setup. All 4 of my plants are in week 3 of an 8-10 week flower. I think I may have made a mistake, it looks like 2 plants would fill the tent. I think I should have left 2 plants in veg and flowered 2 at a time. I feel like I basically cost myself an entire harvest by condensing two potential harvests down into one.

    Is my thinking correct? Should I have only flipped 2?

    I've read a lot about revegging a plant midflower, do you think its worth the risk in this situation? I lollipopped them 1 week ago if that matters.

    I've also thought about putting 2 plants in the veg tent, but on 12/12 schedule to continue flowering under the 4000k lights in there. That would at least maximize my tent space. Bad idea?

  2. Kind of hard to judge without any pics, knowing the size of the plants and the grow space dimensions
  3. The tents are 4x4s, 80 inches tall. Plants are 36 inches tall, except one is about 30 (the pots add about a foot of height from the ground).
    I don't have pics, but it has a standard scrog net over it with 1-2 colas in most squares, 3 in some. Each plant has about 20-25 colas.
  4. 4x4 people put up to 9 plants in them. No offense but... 20 to 30 cola per plant? Are you confusing with "bud sites"? Good news is ur at week 3 so stretching is over might branch out lil more but it should finish near to current size. Splitting your grow means splitting your light too I guess? Don't do that man try to sacrifice a branch or two, or try put a second srog on top to redirect growth.
  5. Maybe, a lil defoliation (if not done already!) could help your tent to be less crowdy. best of luck hey post a pic please if you can. cheers
  6. Pics would definetly help.

    Doesnt sound like a scrog net. Sounds like a trellis. 2 different things.
  7. Yes I thought that number of colas sounded absurdly high too, I'm sure theyre bud sites. The lights are off so I just peeked in and did a quick count of every part that looks smokable, and that number was about 20-25 per plant.
    I'm not sure what you mean by splitting light, but I have two fully lighted tents. My veg tent is currently empty and turned off, that's why I thought it might be good to throw two plants in there, because I'm not using that space for anything else.
  8. Man my bad I didn't thought you had a second full set up ready to go then hell yeah !! Lets spit the grow and rock the heck out of it!! I see so much people afraid to put a few dollars in anything better than Chinese led!!!
    Cant wait to see pics if you can !

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