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  1. I am going to be doing my 1st grow. I would like to eventually make my own hydroponics, but wanted to start off simple since its my first time and wanna make sure I can pull this off. So my first grow is going to be in soil.

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial (prefer Youtube cause I learn better by seeing video) beginners guide from start to finish from soil indoors.

    I know about germinating by putting them in a cup of water in a dark place for a day or two until they sprout - but can i plant them in a big container to begin with or is it better to start off small and move them as they grow? I know the bigger the planter the more room the roots can grow.

    I understand that veg is 18-20 hrs on but do I start that immediately after i plant the germinated seeds?

    I'd like to keep it fairly organic so im uncertain of whether to use miracle grow or what type of soil or potting mixture ect. I've read where you would be inhaling certain chemicals and stuff from elements that you place on your plant.

    I'll be using a 240w blackstar led system (i know there is a big fuss) but heat and electricity is a concern - plus i like the long life.

    I took advantage of the attitude promo and got

    Delta 9 Labs Southern Lights aka White Star
    5 Seeds

    Product: UFO#1 Dinafem Seeds Critical +
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    Samsara Seeds El Alquimista Feminized
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    Supersonic Cristal Storm Automatic
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    Any suggestions on what I should start with? what would be easy for a 1st time?

  2. You need to watch jorge cervantes ultimate grow. Torrent it.

    After you germinate you will put your little root a couple cm under watered and properly ph'd soil...tap root facing down.

    Yeah then you need to give your little seedling light as soon as it pops out of the soil in search for light. In the meantime (before it pops out) u should make sure to seal your put some form of dome around it do the humidity stays in..poke a couple holes.. U can even use saran wrap.

    Save your auto flower for later. Practice on the normal seeds. Pop only a couple at a time esp since it's your first time.

    Make sure your water is ph'd and if it's tap water...that it's been left out for a day. Get all the chlorine out.

    Get bio bizz all mix for soil.. Organic.. You'll have enough nutes for a month. you can use a small amount of b-1 vitamin for the roots to grow well and when your transplanting so the plant isn't shocked.

    Also cheap organic nutes are bat guano. Get mexican and indonesian. Your going to need some potassium for your babies too.. Maybe that's another bat guano. They are like less than $10 a bag. You just put a heaping teaspoon on the top of the soil and water. spread guano with your hand. Don't water near stem! Try to water around the edges...make sure your soil is being saturated...but letting your soil dry will help builds a healthy root system cause the roots will be in search for water.

    Hope this helps. Typed from my phone lol

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