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need help pn my fading babies

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by katie, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Seeds or clones, source? clone
    How old are the plants? 2 week end
    How big are the plants? 10-12 inches
    Lighting wattage & distance? 1000 mh 2 feet
    Soil ingredients or hydro system? soil
    Container size? 1 gallon
    Watering frequency? How do you judge this? every second day, whenever too light to pick up pot
    Fertilizers used and how often? after water day, custom mix fert
    How do you ventilate the space? a 12" fan
    Other details? Include photos if possible.

    some are fading color at the bottom, some are twisted and cruchy, some turn brown......see pics

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  7. the 4th pic kind of looks like a nitro deficiency, but if you have some decent soil and what not probably shouldn't be having that at 2 weeks, as you shouldn't be ferting yet. You Some of the pics also look a bit like natural wear and tear, but whats the ph?
  8. Also looks like your misting I notice, usually not the greatest thing to do with that much watts of HPS beating down on it, it could just be heat burn from the misting and the heat of the hps.
  9. they are 2 week after the cloning processing for 2 week, that's mean they are totally already 4 week now, but only 2 week in soil with root.
  10. Okay looks like fertilizer burn to me...higher your mh to 30 inches..get a cooling fan blowing air from outside ( if you can ) around the room , as to watering every other day water till it just runs out of the bottom of the pot ( use trays if you can as its easier to bottom feed if the roots are out of the bottom of the pot as this provides more oxygen to roots.
    Fertilize once per week in a water feed and then leave for 3 days afterwards then follow on with normal water cycle , as to misting a definate no-no under so powerfull a light , thats why youve got leaf burn and the twisting is due to high fert levels locked up in the soil ,
    The fertilizer lock up could become a real problem so if you have been fertilizing too regularly use normal water for a week too flush out the ferts and initiate a bottom feeding tray routine , best of luck.keep us posted

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