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  1. im a begginer grower my babies have been growing for about a week in a half and are about three inches tall and starting to grow there second set of leaves but they are really small. am i on good timing? and tips you have would also be apprichiated thanks..
  2. take a pic if you can and post it...that will tell us what we need to know.
  3. Best thing I can recommend for you is to start reading through every thread on the Indoor Grow Journal forum you can find.

    Growing pot can be as simple and fun and easy as you want it to be. Or, it can be a tedious and yet still a rewarding endeavor for the anal retentive grower.

    Based on your post, I'd say you are right on track. The biggest thing I would worry about right now i making sure that the pH of your water is right. Reefer grown in soil likes a pH around 6.3-6.8, or thereabouts. When I water my plants I use plain water that I get from my reverse osmosis filter. (pH of my tap water is 8.3, if I used that on my plants they would die from nutrient lockout in short order)

    Good luck and I wish lots of success for you :smoke:
  4. not very good pictures but best i can do..

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  5. well i have purified water and i also let it sit 24 hours before giving it to my baby and also here are some pictures of my plant if you could tell me if im doing good or not.

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  6. Use the macro setting on your cam, will get much better pics. But, from what I can see, looks good :smoke:

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