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  1. Some leaves are canoeing a lil and others I believe is a cal mag deficiency and maybe a lil Nute burn on the tips of leaves any help would be greatly appreciated I’m in a 5 by 5 by 7 ft tall tent only using one clip fan I have two though got a 600 watt cooling hood and a 400 watt cooling tube and the inline fan 440 cfm at full blast sucking heat into attic temp is 75 humidity is 52 the light is 15 inches away I don’t use nutes the soil has enough in it I do use calmag every other watering and use filtered water I give them a gallon each I’m gonna start doing gallon and a half next water it’s been it’s been 36 days in veg

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  2. have they just been watered? wats the medium? and maybe slight nute burn. tips pointing down could be a nitrogen toxicity. lay off the feed and let pots dry. wen you feed next feed a little then wait 30 min and feed it more.. if its driniing 2 litres.. feed a litre half hour later feed the other litre. same for 3 litres.. dont just feed them straight off the cuff.
  3. sorry i just looked at pics didnt pay attention to what you wrote, its all good, plant looking good anyway. might be a tad of heat stress.
  4. Filtered water with 3ml calmag a gallon of water each straight over soil with a shower type water head I’ll pour some let it soak down then pour more and I kno it’s not the best soil but miracle grow soil the yellow bag with red leaf on it probly water twice a week maybe once sometimes like every 4 days sometime 3 and a half. I have fox far trio but don’t use in this soil cause it will burn the heck out of it next grow new soil then I’ll use em. Should I flush to get rid of nitrogen toxicity I don’t feed em nothing where there is so much in miracle grow. What’s your opinion should I stick with no feed and flush or ?
  5. no just stick with no feed for now mate.. i think your watering waay to much as well try a litre next time let the soil dry out till the pot goes light... if it takes 3 days perfect. if its dry after 2 days then give 2 litres.. work your way up.. in a 5gallon pot the most i have ever fed a plant halfway thru flower was 5litres. mostly between 3/4 litres wait 2 nights feed on the 3rd
  6. also i would be careful in a couple of weeks. use no more than quater strength grow. bloom will be fine. i think miracle grow is just a high N value
  7. Alright awesome thank you so much Lucas I’ll give it a shot and see what happens I’ll keep ya updated bud
  8. Hey what about when I flush them for harvest for like two weeks or more how much water should I run through them is it 3x the amount of the bucket ? I’m in 5 gallon or what’s your opinion
  9. i always give plain ph water till slight run off... if the colour is murky i give another plain water feed when the pots dry till slight run off.. as you do it the run off from the bottom of the pot starts getting clearer and clearer.. when it starts coming out fairly clear thats been washed through. you dont really need it in organic but i just do it anyway. the plants ready the soil is used up, and it rains in real life anyway outdoors so why not
  10. What is wrong with this it can’t be heat or humidity it’s 73 fh and humidity stays 57% to 50% the light is 20 inch away moved it up from 15 inch away

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