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  1. Growing in a metal shed that's hot. Got a window ac but it's not very cool. 5 GA buckets in soil. Have given them foxfarm grow big and water only. Water about a 2 liter per plant every other day pretty much. Got 4 plants PCG cement shoes PCG GMO cookies PCG watermelon Zkittles and PCG eastbay OG Kush. All have the same issue with new growth only. Under 3 lights 1 full spec led 1 5x cob led and one led ufo growlight around 600w true power. Had lights 18in from tops but raised to 24 in last night. Surrounded with panda film. And a tiny 8 in fan between the ac and the plants.

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  2. Hard too see with lights on but just for the general idea.

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  3. Fans? Ventilation?
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  4. This is what my soil looks like it's that crap from home depot the kellog raised bed/pot mix with perlite added. Don't know my ph but I use tap water that has had a chance to sit for 24 hours to de chlorinate.

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  5. Tiny fan between ac unit and plants. The shed has vents at the top under roof panels.
  6. Do you have any inline etc fans, anything that is actually bringing outdoor air in, or venting air out?
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  7. Are you drowning them?
  8. I hope not drowning them. I've eased up on the water to a 2 liter every 3 days per plant. Vents out at roof top all around the edges and intake air comes in thru the ac unit right? I open the doors during the day when the light isn't noticeable but closed at night for obvious reasons. Intend to get a fan duct setup in a couple weeks when I'm not broke. Lights are on 18/6. They seem to be improving since raising the lights up to 24 in. So I'm hoping that was the issue. Also I sprayed with demon pesticides like 48 hours before moving them into the shed would any lingering affects be had on them? I just basically went around the inside perimeter of shed. What size ducting and I line fan should I get 4 or 6 in? Should I have one for intake and one for exhaust or just one ok? Also should I use one of those back draft baffles or not necessary?
  9. Should I have more drain holes than this? IMG_20190618_205946.jpg
  10. Looks like a good distribution...but...since (that I can see) you don't have any clay balls or anything between the bottom of the pot/bucket and the could either:
    Get some of those clay balls, carefully dump the plant/medium aside, and fill the bottom half inch with those, the replace the plant on top...that should help them drain.
    Those holes, make them bigger.

    IMO the first option is the better one.
  11. Thanks for the tip I'll apply in the morning. Much appreciated. I'll post some pics of my outdoor girls in the morning also.
  12. Too much water give it a week

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