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Need Help Please?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JarredTheGreat, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Hey guys i havent smoked in like 2 months and last night i took a single hit of weed... i can do that and get blown do to my sensitivity to it.... im curious how long it will take to leave my system? i am 160 lbs, 6'0, 12% bf... if it matters any! the reason why im asking is because i was stressed as hell and had a tiny bit left so i decided to take one last hit before flushing it all... im going into the military in 2 months so im wondering how long it will be in my system! thanks bunches for any comments i get!
  2. to be safe dont continue and yer fine
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  3. Honestly, just don't smoke for 2 months. You'll be fine if you commit to not smoking. Eat plentiful and healthy. Since you're going in to the military, you should be working out which will also help alleviate the thc from your body since it attaches to fat. Most people will be able to pass within a month of not smoking.

    This might be of help: Marijuana THC Drug Test Calculator | Marijuana Central
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  4. i eat extremely healthy and workout every day 2 hours a day lol.... i had no idea fitness got weed out of your system faster!
  5. Yup. That's the number one thing to getting thc out of your system. Other drugs get out of your system within less than a week but THC (active compound and it's subsets) attach to the fats in your body. If you are eating well and then working out, the thc absorbed fats will be replace (and/or converted).
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  6. good to hear it!!! thanks alot for the help guys!!
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