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  1. My leafs are starting to spot and change colors and are curling a bit. Please any help would be great! I had a gnat problem so I researched and put a layer of sand on the top of the soil and got a sticky pad.. It's about day 20 from sprout.. I'm using low doses of Alaska fish ferts 4-1-1. I do know that my ph is off the charts and was higher then 7.6 on the drop tester I have so I'm going to get some to water from a buddy.. Could this be my problem??
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  2. Your ph is definitely not helping bro! :( not sure what you mean by getting water from your buddy though?, just grab some ph up/down, or else something like lemon juice or vinegar will work to lower your probably have nute lockout if it's that far out of whack, so a good balanced ph flush and then small nute doses to gradually let her get what she needs is the way forward imo. :)
  3. Just looked through the pics mate....damn that is one sick looking girl! :( seeing as you are only at day 20, might be an idea to start from scratch....after the harsh start that lady has endured, I wouldn't expect much of a yield, and that's even if she makes it to harvest. 
  4. thats some Nitrogen rich nutrients. are you ph'ing your feed water before watering? looks like nitrogen toxicity, combined with the ph issue.
    flush 2-3 times size of pot and just water for a week or 2
  5. Yea my buddy has a RO system and I was gonna go get a few buckets full. I may try the vinegar to lower it.. She just started turning yellow in spot just 2-3 days ago so she hang been sick to long. Thanks for the help

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    So do I not need nutes this early on??

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  6. And is it safe for me to cut off some of my lower leaves that are dieing?? The new growth still looks great, it's just mostly the lower part. I want to try to save this girl!!! I have more beans to start but I'm trying to finish my dresser up before I done those.

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  7. Got my ph to 6.0 hope this helps her. Flushed her out with rain/cap of white vinegar. The ph of the run off was about 6.5

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  8. Can only speak for myself of course bro, but I wouldn't cut any leaves off.....they may not look the best, but the plant is still using them to rule of thumb is if the leaf will come off with just the slightest tug, then it's fine to remove, if it puts up any resistance, it's still benefiting the plant. 
  9. Ok thsnks man. Well I already cut some lower leaves off. I'll leave the rest alone. I think I saved her because to new growth looks great!
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