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  1. Iv never grown anything before and am sick of buying my beloved herb lol and just want to have something to do with my time Iv read a lot and have a rough idea of what I'm going to do but would like some individualised advice if I'm going to go wrong I know I'm bound to make a few mistakes just want to try avoid them as much as possible. Firstly my whole grow is going to be outdoors in West Sussex uk the strains are holland hope and passion #1 as I know these are easy. I'm going to germinate my seeds in plates and tissue paper then plant the rootlets in 15litre pots (the permanent home) with oraganic soil with a ph of 6.4 and then feed bio bizz grow for the first stage and bio bizz bloom for the second going to place the pots in secret locations were I know the sun shines the most I won't be able to have them any where near my property.any tips or does this sound ok way of doing it
  2. I don't grow outdoors, but there are some issues I see.

    The bio bizz feed you're looking to use is really a late flowering feed. Look into either making organic teas, which are pretty easy to do, or find a better nutrient choice for veg.

    When are you planning on planting?

    You might want to look into larger pots or even SmartPots. Less than 5 gallons of roots space on an outdoor tree is a waste, in my not experienced opinion.

    Are you worried about security?
  3. Thank you for your reply :). Security is issue but am comfortable to let them grow as big as they can lol... Ok so bigger pots will definitely take that into consideration and can you suggest any nutes for outdoor I only want to use 2 and would like the most basic way that's why I don't want to use coco.and I think im going to do 3 sites of sets of 4 feminized plants holland hope and passion #1 and 1 sit I'm going to dig 3x3 holes and fill with organic soil and transplant them ones. But the other 8 are going to be germinated in plates and tissue and then transplanted into now 5 gallon pots filled with organic soil and place straight into my guerilla locations. My strains are selected for quickness without having to be autos = low yield so this way flowering is 0-8 weeks under with these 2 strains I selected. I don't even know if what in saying is good that's why I want a second option before jumpin straight in.. And I plan to germinat April 22-25 them plant pots in my location April 30th so harvest is ready for September ? Is this correct and safe ?
  4. Also make sure there is little to no ambient light, otherwise your plant won't be able to switch to flowering, so look into that. Also get a game camera so you know if someone or something discovered you.
  5. How do make sure there's no ambient light ?
  6. Just go to the grow site after dark to check for yard lights or street lights or any other source of light that will interrupt the dark period.:wave:
  7. I understand now thanks ! Really appreciated.. So if I plant my feminized holland hope and passion #1 on the 30 th of April providing there's no ambient light I they will be ready for harvest in say September ?

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