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  1. Ide say this plant is maybe 3-4 weeks old TOPS. And im starting to see some growth in between my first set of 3 fingered leaves. (in the pics below, i tried to focus the camera as much as possible so you guys can understand what im saying) Idk what the hell it is or what. If it tells the sex or what. The plant is starting to smell quit nice if i do say so myself. But isnt it early? Any help would be great. I just havent been able to get a straight forward answet. Thanks guys!:D

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  2. Those are node sites. That's where your branches and new green growth will come from. It's also where you will first determine sex, though you still have some time before that happens. This indicates (to me personally, at least) that the plant is out of the seedling stage, and is ready to start stretching and is about to hit a growth spurt.
  3. Okay awesome thanks for the info! The plant looks quit healthy. Its an outdoor grow. Another question i had was in the pic below. Why are the first set of 3 fingered leaves drooping but the others always stay strong and lifted along with the first single fingered leaf. Its just the first 3 fingered leaves?

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