Need help please never grown before and a bit simple

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  1. Hi, I'm looking to grow just one single plant in a tent using cfl lamps and soil. I've never grown anything before and I don't really understand any of it, I'm a bit dumb when it comes to this. I'm also on a budget.

    What equipment do I need? links please if possible

    How many and what cfl lamps for the plant, how to place them?

    I pretty much need a step by step guide start to finish for dummies as I'm a bit thick 😂

    All help appreciated, doesnt need to be stealth and smell doesn't matter too much. Cheers
  2. Justenoughforme got what you need in his journal no BS

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  3. I always tell people watch the ultimate grow dvd on youtube, it's free and it's pretty awesome.
  4. huge amounts on great info on the tube I like the Cali green vids

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  5. Many many articles on growing here. Read up a bit. Here's the basics. First soil, get something good. Try to stay away from Miracle Grow Soils because they have chemical nutrients that are time released and are very difficult to flush from the plants. Ocean Forrest by Fox Farms is very good. Runs anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00 USD per bag.

    Vegetative state is 18 hours light on 6 hours light off. Veg goes from seed to when the plant is big enough or mature enough to put into flower. If growing from seed, this is about 5 weeks past seedling stage.

    Flower State is the end of the plants life. Switch lighting to 12 hours on 12 hours off. Flower stage will be any where from 40 to 120 days depending on strain. Most popular strains are hybrids and take about 60 days to get ripe.

    Nutrients are confusing to a lot of new growers. Pick a nutrient line and follow the application chart. It's actually pretty simple. Most hydro shops will set you up with a recipe to follow. Keep this in mind, if you fail you won't spend money there so they want to see you put out some world class buds. Nutrient recipes are adjusted throughout the plants life, early veg, late veg, early flower , late flower.

    Hope this helps and good luck, J.

  6. Cheers My Foogey, thats part of what I need to know and very straight forward thanks.
  7. No problem sir. You in the UK somewhere? Just kinda blows my head, sharing info half a world away.
  8. Yeah mate in the uk. I'll PM you. got a few questions been reading Budzillas guide about 4 times over
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    You want as many CFLs of the largest wattage you can get. Here in the UK you will find 20w CFLs are sold everywhere and just a couple £s each. Or you could order a 125w or 250w CFL from eBay for about £20-30.

    You will also need a light tight enclosure. A proper tent is best. You can get a small one from eBay for £40, but get one with as much height as possible.

    You will need a small fan to circulate air.
    An exhaust fan.
    A plant pot.

    That's pretty much the basics
    You could technically get away without a tent and exhaust fan if you buy auto seeds. But keep in mind you can only get out, what you have put in
  10. Thanks, can I damage the plant if I use too many cfls? Also what distance away do I have them from the plant, top only, or top and sides? see a few pictures with people using them top and sides
  11. Okay, how do I control the heat in tent to make it hotter or colder, and what is the ideal temperature to keep it at?
  12. I like cfl's higher wattage the better, 6500 kelvin for veg a few inches away works. Cfl's benefit with good reflection downwards and multiple per plant if using 20 watt ones. People use 2700 k for flowering but thats none of my business, flowering you will need a lot of light.
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    You certainly can't give the plant too much light because CFLs are very low intensity. But you can overheat them.
    Ideally you should have the CFLs within 4" of the plant. But you don't want the plant getting hotter than 30℃ so basically move the CFLs closer and closer until the plants temperature reaches 28℃ and keep that distance. The closer the bulb, the more intense the light

    I prefer to have all the bulbs laid out level and use the ScrOG method to train the plant flat. Making reflectors for the bulbs is well worth doing too
  14. Thanks, how do I check the temperature of the plant and not the tent?
  15. A decent exhaust fan should keep it cool. Raising the lights will move some of the heat from the plant
  16. I like to use £1 aquarium thermometers which have remote sensors. These can be hung from the ceiling positioning the sensor right above the plant
  17. these ones I mean



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