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Discussion in 'General' started by MasterOfTheJ, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Fix a HammerHead Bubbler? I just went to Texas recently and aqquired a real nice looking hammer, it cost me 160$. I bring it home and my friend has it and long behold when he passes it to me it dropped on this thin carpet and when it landed it snapped the stem that goes down into the water resivior. Now i don't think theres a way to get the snapped stem out of there but I thought maybe someone knows of a way to fix this so it bubbles again using homemade items like straws, and things along that line. I hope that someone else has had this problem and knows a way to take care of it because i don't enjoy paying for expensive glass so it can break. Thanks in advance guys, I await your reply's.


  2. Try tilting it to the side so that the stem slides down the mouthpiece and out the little hole where you inhale.
  3. Super glue has never failed me.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, but i've tried everything to get that stem out but the way the pipe is it won't angle enough to come out of the water resivior and into the mouth piece thing and even if it would the mouth piece is too small for the stem to fit out of it. What i'm asking for is if anyone knows of a way i could make a homemade replacement stem so that it will bubble again. I was thinking maybe I could find a straw that could fit into the hole in the bottom of the bowl part and go down into the resivior and fill it up with water.

    P.s. I was never quite sure where to put the water in, i always just poured it through the bowl hole, is that right? Also how high should you fill it up?
  5. Oh you broke the detachable bowl to it? You can pick another one up at a local headshop. The generic ones are like 6 bucks. Make sure you get the right size tho.
  6. the bowls not detachable its like the one in the picture in my post, you see what i mean?

  7. damn man, i dont know what you could do. And usually, you pour the water through the mouthpiece.

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