Need help plants might be dying

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    My friend just gave me 5 plants, I've had them since 8:00am this morning. Its been a raining a little bit and cold all day. I just went to check on them and the tips are starting to yellow. I tried to keep them out of the rain as best as possible but they were getting a little wet so I moved them into a shed. I don't have any lights or light on them in the shed.

    Plants View image: IMG 1450
    Yellow tips: View image: IMG 1453

    Can over watering cause the yellow tips? I did water them about an hour and a half before the yellow tips showed up.

    Edit: I've checked and the plants are starting to heal already.
  2. looks like over watering and slight nutrient burn which obviously happened before you got the plants. Garbage bags aren't going to drain water. Drainage is a must I would transplant those into a plastic pot with drainage or fabric pot

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