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NEED HELP Pipe Questions/Tips

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by omnipotent, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. So I have a spoon pipe and I'm pretty familiar with it, I've been using it for awhile. However, I don't feel confident in my ability to smoke out of it. I can never tell when my bowl is finished. I just recently started to smoke to a grey/white ash(before I just did it to black and when I dumped the bowl in my hands the lower layer was brown and black. occasionally green.) but whenever I smoke it to the grey ash it still feels like im not getting high like I should. I pretty much only smoke reg/mids whatever u call them. Have I built up a tolerance to this level weed(been smokin for like 3-4 years, 5 months ago started smokin weekly) do i need to start purchasing dank or dro, or is it possibly something wrong with my smoking method? please describe how u use ur spoon pipes in detail :D
  2. I pack bowl smoke etc
    Then when I think it's ash I touch the weed with my finger if it gets all crushed and goes down, it's ash if not, keep smoking!
  3. I just put a glass screen/ash catcher in my spoon and smoke that shit till it turns to ash, then smoke that ash till it goes away :D
  4. maybe im actually high as shit and overthinking it... :hippie:
  5. Do this.

    1) Start buying good weed, you jackass. (just kidding - but seriously, fuck regs)
    2) Regs burn a lot shittier than good bud, so what you'll need to do is smoke til the top is ashy, then GENTLY blow on it (this will knock out the loose ash, but the bud will be stuck in there. Below it will be the charred greens, still smokable.
    3) Thank me
  6. I wish that there was no reg/ shwag and that it was all good weed that was 2.5g for $5

  7. OK... but how about my advice?

    Trust me, it works.
  8. Make sure your using a grinder and breaking that bud up right.
  9. I'll be sure to implement it next time I smoke, thnx bro

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