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    Hey whats going on i just got some og ice clones from my buddy, they are really more like teens, but they are not doing so well he told me he was transitioning into flowering when i got them so i continued and they only seem to be getting worse, my room temos and humidity are fine so i know its not that but my ppm is really high because i am using tape water is there any body that can help me out

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  2. Any help anyone
  3. need more info what is your set up , ph etc.
  4. I think it was that my ppm was way too high I followed the instructions on the bottle and it brought my ppm to like 1800 so I downed to 1/4 strength flushed the first so I hope they get better. They are not really bad just don't want it to go south but my ph stays between 5.5 and 6.1 I am in a flood and drain system and as I said I just added 1/4 th strength nutrient solution plus a lil cal mag and super thrive my ppm was around 700 after that and just after 2 feeding a its diwn to 375 so I'm hoping to see some change in the next couple of days

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