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  1. I need help with my grow room beer have I grown but I have a perfect spot.
    Budget= $1000-1200
    Grow box = 8'x4'x6'
    20 plants

    What light setup should I choose?
    I was thinking 2 x 1000 watt HPS/MH combo for my mainly sativa plant (amnesia haze) and also 2 x 600 watt LED light. Are the LED lights worth it do you think? Keeping in mind that it would be an extra like $500 for the LEDs
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    I don't think it would benefit you you due to the fact that 1000 watt hps would have to be a greater distance from plants then the led lights, which would cause shadows and block some of the hps light. Especially any led light where 2 600 equiv. could be had for 500.
    Check out what people do when they mix mh and hps during flower. If you ran 2 1000 watt hps and 2 400 watt mh during flower you would be better off then using led side by side with the hps. Mixing the mh with the hps achieves a way better spectrum than any led could. Its just a question if you could rid the heat. And I say this as I am using strictly led now. Got 3 grows under led, and yes it does produce some good flowers. But I used to run mh and his together, and it does grow better flowers then anything else. I just have too many kids with too many hobbies to justify a 400-600 dollar electric bill. But I fiend to go back to mh and hps.
    IMHO, you would be able to grow the best possible medicine if you ran 2 x 1000 watt hps and 2 x 400 mh during flower... And just forget the LED's. Again I use led and I am saying to bypass the idea if you can afford the electric bill.. And a perfect setup IMHO for the size room you have would be 3 x 600 watt hps and 2 x 400 watt mh. Ran in a line across canopy, hps/mh/hps/mh/hps... But it seems your stuck on the idea of the 1000 watts. So its up to you. I have 15 years under my belt using hps and mh lights so I am talking from experience.
    And just remember, you have to have a way to rid the heat, its just as important as the actual light itself. Lights can raise the temp real fast. So heat removal is a absolute must in your equation.
    Hope this helps.
    I am running 11 hydro plants under 2,000 watts and its rocking big time. About impossible to bead HID.
    Just started an LED grow so I dont have LED  experience to base an opinion on it.

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