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Need Help Passing A Random Drug Test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tome6969, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. I'm a senior in high school and I am 18. My school just recently started to give out random urine drug tests. I've been looking around online and was wondering what the best product was. I need something that can be ready at any second and I can hold it somewhere concealed. Was just wondering if anyone had any advice from past experiences with a product.

    Additional Info : Smoke Potent Cannabis 2-3 times a week. I'm 5'11 and weight 185. I go to the gym or go running or partake in a sport 5 times a week for about 2 hours. When they drug test you, they will pull you out of class at any moment and you are sent to a private bathroom where you are alone. First Time Caught - Rehab , Second Time - Expulsion ( A bit ridiculous if you ask me). I live in Miami, FL ( Don't really know what drug test products are legal and illegal). I have a clean disciplinary record and I prefer quitting smoking to not be an option ( Does not affect my school work ,currently have a 4.6). If any other info is needed please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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    the fuck? do you go to public school?

    keep clean urine in a bottle in your backpack i guess?

    "how can we keep these kids off of extremely harmful drugs like marijuana?" "hmmm let's completely obliterate their privacy and spend 10,000 dollars a year drug testing every student!"
  3. Number 1. That is what it is called. It is a concealed belt system used with synthetic urine (included). price is around fifty bucks. good for two uses. where it every day. body temp controlled. safe and i use it every time. btw. find a new school.
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    if they are doing this in public schools its a crystal clear violation of basic human rights
    It they tried to drug test me in High School (public) I would have laughed,
    and probably have thought they were kidding..

    Edit: Just looked it up and the Supreme Court ruled that public schools can only test students
    participating in extra-curricular activities...
    So i'll assume you go to private school or play a sport. ?
  5. what is it with eeveryone that is under 18 always stating there age lol jsut proving ur self lol
  6. Yeah my school blows big time. might switch out if its worth but yeah i don't go to public, I go to a catholic private school. It whack as fuck a bunch of homosexual priests being hypocrites. But yeah thanks for the advice.
  7. Because if I were to say I'm just in high school I'd get the typical "How old are you? Your not old enough to be on this website."
  8. oh well that explains it
  9. Tell them to go fuck themselves...... Your 18...... I believe you can make your own decisions on life......
  10. wow what a great use of taxpayer money. drug testing students. teenagers smoking grass - how original haha. :smoke:
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    Get something like this (never used this site, just came up in google when looking for detox drinks such as this).

    There are a lot of these that you can drink and be pissing "clean" within an hour or 2. I think it basically adds something to your urine that throws the test off. They are probably using simple testers nothing too high tech since it's a school so I doubt that the drink would be detected (some good lab tests can detect it).

    Anyways, first keep some of this stuff in your backpack (probably rip off the label). If you get called, say you just went to the bathroom and you don't need to go. Try to get sent back to class until you have to use the bathroom again. When you get back, down your drink and wait enough time until you finally say you can go to the bathroom and piss for them.

    If your not watched in the bathroom and there is a sink, add some warm water to your piss cup to dilute it as much as you can (keeping some color). This will further reduce your chances of any marijuana being detected since it is now diluted.

    Pray after that!

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