NEED HELP outdoor: yellow leaves

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by completely beat, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. a few weeks ago me and some friends were smoking on a bench in a park. supposedly we werent the only ones who liked smoking there, because to our suprise we came across a well growing sativa plant maybe 10 inches tall.

    naturally we took it under our care...and eventually transplanted it to avoid detection. the plant survived the trip and was growing well until the lower, smaller, older leaves began to turn yellow and took on a slight wilt a week later.

    im currently watering it with water from a stream nearby that runs through very populated urban areas (possibly high in nitrogen)...could this be the cause of my precious' ailments?

    also i sprinkled some slow release 3-month miracle grow (sorry no level details) around the base of the plant, could i possibly have used too much?

    il try to upload some pics soon

  2. It's the timed release ferts. Your plant is being cooked alive by nitrogen burn.

    Also stealing a plant?
  3. If you found this plant in the middle of the woods that would be ripping the lowest form of theft. Can't give you advice on this plant but suggest you start your own next year and find a plot out of urban areas and away from high traffic, and most importantly away from curious stoners like yourself, because just the way you found this plant someone will find it where you have it now in a busy city. Besides 10 in plant can be attained with little care by may next year karma free.
  4. thanks for the info, i just removed the little fert pellets and hopefully it should get better

    but to the stealing comment, you dont know the whole story
    hundreds (possibly thousands) of people pass within a foot or two of the plant's first location every day. i only transplanted it because anybody intentionally planting the plant would NEVER choose this location, due to the large amounts of people passing by and its VERY high risk of detection (its a wonder it hadnt been uprooted yet)

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