Need help! Outdoor Soil Ph too acidic

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  1. I have an outdoor plant in mid-flower in a 5 gallon pot.I measured the ph of the soil with a soil meter today and it read the ph around 4.6, which i know is too low. However earlier Today i watered with distilled water and measured the run off with my water ph meter and it read around 7.4-7.8.

    So first off, Im a little bit confused about which reading to believe. I believe the ph of the distilled water was around 8.5.

    But i also am wondering that if it is too acidic, should I use ph up to raise it or dolomite lime, or something else?

    Im just afraid that the plant is getting no P because of the ph range. (If it is indeed acidic).

    Thanks for you Help!
  2. 8.5 sounds high for distilled water, it is typically neutral because it doesn't have minerals or anything that makes water more acidic or alkaline. I've used distilled water for years in various aquatic applications, and mine has always been right at 7.0.

    It sounds like your readings are all over the place. What are you using to test ph with?
  3. i think if the only thing u are adding is water then the ph should be what the water is. so just measure the ph of the water and that will be what ur plant is getting. if u are adding other nutes u have to take that into account. i dont think u should have to raise it, if anything u have to lower. the plant should get about a 6.4-6.7 ph reading
  4. Get the dolomite lime and fix it for good. Cost you ~$6 for a 40lb bag at Lowes or HD.

  5. thanks for the replies. i also talked to a hyrdro store.turns out that my soil meter is trash. and i the runoff reading should be more correct. I guess i also had to take into account the high ph of the water at 8.5 so if i adjust the reading at 7.6, the real ph should be a little lower. Im thinking from 6.5-7.0, which is better. correct me if im wrong tho
  6. 8.5 is waaay to high ! Distilled water is around 6.5 ! perfect for your plant :).
  7. yeah im a little confused by the ph of the distilled water being so high. i thought it waqs supposed to be around 6.5 but mine isnt. i dont know maybe its my water ph meter thats off a little bit. but i measured two different bottles of distilled water and they both read like 8.5
  8. Make sure your meter is calibrated buy some 7.0 solution

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