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    I have around 15 outdoor plants and they are all seedlings about 1week and a half old. I got fox farm nutrient trio.
    1st: can i use the nutrients right now? My soil isnt all that good just regular potting soil. Im planing to wait till theyre 2wks old to start feeding.

    2nd: i use pond water to water, i heard its good for plants with all the microorganisms in the water.. so can i mix the nutrients with pond water considering its not the freshest water.

    3rd: i dont understand the feeding chart so can someone explain how much to feed?

    Ill get you guys a pic of 1 of the plants... which is the one with one of the main leaf missing-due to heavy rainfall during its first days of life.

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  2. Any help guys? Want my first grow to go smoothly
  3. dont feed yet not till 21days at least keep ising pond water its well oxygenated and has small amounts nitrate that the fish poop out :) so as long as your fosh water is clean and fish are in good health it should be fine

    when you mix nutes you can use pond water but keep a tabs on ph and adjust to 6.5-6.8
    is it auto or photo?
  4. whay nutes donyou have and whats its npk ratio
  5. Auto If you refering to autoflowers.. then no its regular o' photosynthesis plants, theres 3 different nutrients
    Big bloom: .01-.3-.7
    Grow big: 6-4-4
    Tiger bloom:2-8-4

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