Need help ordering with discount code (not working)

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  1. Hey GC! I'm trying to order a bong off the shop and use a discount code for 30% off and it's not working. The reason i'm concerned is, it was going through a few days ago but my credit card wasn't working so I had to wait; and now it says invalid code?! I need that 30% to order because atm I'm limited to $100 or I can't :( So can an Admin please help??
    Also here's the bong I'm trying to order
    Thanks so much if anyone can help or knows what to do.

  2. Bump
    And if its no longer available can you please make it since my card wasnt working at the time? Maybe jc can help? Sirscrog?
  3. Sorry I was just asking because it's related and no one has got back to me on the support email. It's been a few days.
  4. Can a mod please delete this thread? It's not showing the delete button on edit post?

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