Need help on water PH (My digi PH arrived broken, pls read ;)

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  1. Hey guys,

    I ordered a digital PH reader and it arrived broken on me, and im hassling the guy on ebay to do an exchange with me. But I mean I have these three plants now that are two weeks old and sucking down water, and I am currently watering them with water that is 7.2 PH because I have nothing else I can do atm, I was relying on this PH reader that was coming off ebay, and figured the high PH water was better then nothing ;).

    Well heres my question -- I am going to purchase gallon size bottles of spring water called Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water. The PH of this water is 7.7, can anyone tell me how much vinegar I should add to lower the PH to 6.7 in the gallon size bottle? I know this is a tough question, but it would help me out tremendously, I am just trying to get within shooting distance. I included the water analysis I found online for further info.

    Water Analysis (parts per million)
    Bicarbonate 140.0
    Chloride 11.0
    Fluoride 0.2
    Sulfate 8.0
    Calcium 58.0
    Magnesium 3.9
    Potassium 0.2
    Sodium 5.1
    TDS 185.0
    pH 7.7

    Thanks a ton.

    So far the plants are not showing any negative effects from the high PH water, but I would definantly like to start doing things correctly as soon as possible.

    Thanks again.
  2. not really an expert on pH or anything but i have heard you can use tap water and just let it sit out for 1-2 full days so all the chlorine evaporates out of it as well as other chemicals and that would probably be fine for watering until you get ur pH meter. im pretty sure this makes the water about 7.0 so if you feel the need to, add a couple drops of vinegar to a gallon of water...i wouldnt over load it though...just a couple drops.

    pros....please correct me if im wrong because if i am...then i need to change my style of watering too;)

    hope this helped! good luck with your grow! peace out:smoke:
  3. Leaving the water out to get rid of the chlorine doesn't make a difference in PH. Tap water can also be very hard, depending on where you live.
  4. Hello sirs,

    Yes the tap water where I live might as well be made out of rocks, it is so hard. Anyone have an idea on how much vinegar I should add to a gallon of water, to lower it from 7.7 to a level acceptable for marijuana plants?

    As of right now im gonna go with half a capfull, anyone think to much / to less? This broken reader really screwed me, but hopefully I can get this to work.
  5. Hello sirs,

    Ok I found this on a website,
    So I should have to add a little over 3 ML to the gallon for a PH of 6.6, sounds good to me. Sorry about posting this here and then finding the anwser on my own, but hopefully this thread will help someone else in the future :wave:
  6. it helped me :D .....i know u probably dont care haha...anyways, good luck on ur grow....i hope u get some monster yields....peace out:)
  7. Use distilled water instead of pH-whacked spring water. Cheaper too.
  8. lol true toasty......but i need to use tap water cuz i am broke.....big, good luck with your grow wun....
  9. Adding distilled white vinegar at a rate of one teaspoon to a gal. of irragation H2O, allow to sit for awhile. The ph will drop about one full point. hope that helps
  10. I wouldnt try and change the ph of the water without knowing what it is..
    If the plants are ok carry on with what you are doing..
    you can pick up cheap enough ph testers if you really need to know right now..
  11. Don't mean to hijack the thread, but when i check the ph do i test the water or the soil? And what kind of cheap ph testers should i get? i haven't seen any cheap enough, the digital ones are like $50-$200.

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