Need help on starting medium.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tokeymctokems, May 23, 2010.

  1. i started 2 seeds today - Nirvana Northern light. starting in water today going to paper towel them tomorrow. . I need input on starting medium, my first grow did not start well and i am having problems (Grow journal so i am adding these 2.

    I have perlite, potting soil with pretty much no nutes at all (seedlings were hungry at one week) Miracle Grow moisture control, miracle grow organic - anybody got a good ratio suggestion? I need something with enough nutes to get my plant going but not burn them.
  2. 40 perlite / 60 soil.
    Requires watering more often but it helps drainage for flushing and makes it difficult to overwater.
  3. OK, I need a good ratio for the soil mix, like i said the plain old potting soil i have has absolutely NO nutes- at a week old my seedlings were screaming for nutes in a 50-50 plain potting soil / perlite mix.

    Like i said i have miracle grow moisture control and organic. I am sure that the miracle grow by itself is too strong so i need the right mix ratio on that.
  4. What he said.

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