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  1. Hello guys I've study breeding and have bread seeds before. I have been growing Fur five years now and have strains I want to create. But I'm not quite sure about it. Would I have to get a llc or a dba. For my bisnuess. I would just like some suggestions or directions. Will be starting local and expanding within the first year
  2. you won't get an LLC for an illegal business..
    the seed business is pretty much black market... and extremely difficult to get into.
  3. ^^this^^
    you gotta build rep in the community before anyone will buy your beans.
    best way is lots of journals, do em on many sites. as peeps see your work ..they'll ask for it.
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    Aw don't listen to the post above. Depending on the state that you're in, and their policies toward recreational or medicinal cannabis, incorporating a seed company might be the easy part. Definitely seek legal counsel when making this decision as each state is different. My experiences are based off living in a state that allows both recreational and medicinal business and nonprofits. You would be surprised how many businesses in this industry have and proudly display business licenses. 
    The second poster was correct in that it will take a lot of work to build your brand. I've worked at collectives and have dealt with seed vendors; without a doubt, you've got to be professional. Have samples of your medicine, presentable pamphlets testing results of the dry flowers, and be aware of your competition (prices can be found on their sites). Make sure to enter your strains into every Cannabis competition this year. Regardless of how your place, it'll be a good chance to rub elbows with the local retailers. Still, try to make sure your flowers are at least competition level. If you want to know what is competition standard, track the collective/grower down and try some! Oh and when you get going start selling soil (try making your own if you don't!) and holding grow classes. The company TGA hold a lot of charity events benefiting children with autism spectrum disorders. There's a lot more to consider, but these of some things to start thinking about. Good luck!
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  5. Any business takes a lot of work. Social networking is what is popular these days. Copycat another seed company business model. I would do exactly what that one company Strain Hunters is doing. Document everything on you tube and travel the world.  
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    Yeah starting a seed business is not as easy as being a vendor for dispensaries. As everyone said already, you must have some kind of reputation otherwise you'll probably go under financially. Best to be is in a med/legal state that has cannabis conventions often. That's a good place to network in person. Also, you are running at a much higher risk level by owning a seed company. Because of the gray area surrounding cannabis, it is very likely that federal agents will take an interest in you. Clones and seeds are treated differently by law enforcement than dried buds. I've heard most every major seed company owner changes addresses often and has their friends do all the actual seed production grows. Also, if you're trying to be totally legal and pay all your taxes (which you should as a registered business because the IRS will be all over your shit), then expect to pay about 40-50% of your income into taxes. The tax rate for medical marijuana is fucking insane because of Section 280E of the tax code. Look into it.
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  7. I Deffinitly need seeds are you in the USA?

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  8. Yeah dude
    As someone that actually sells seeds for a living legally
    You got your work cut out for you , you know how hard it is to lock down deals with seedbanks ?
    Better be on your A-game cause theres a lot of competition out there

    Can say your not off to a good start not posting any pics of ur work

    I wouldn't buy seeds from some random guy
    You've been breeding for 5 years ? You know anything about Mendel ?
    Or selective hybridization ? Or Out crossing , squaring ? Cubing ? Simple Bxing ?

    What makes you different from all the other chuckers out there ????

    Cause as a award winning caregiver & breeder (local)
    I'm curious

  9. OP is 4 years old & they haven't been online since 2015 dude lol
  10. Didn't notice that till recently
    Was at the top of my screen so i figured it wasn't an ancient thread hahaha
  11. Yeah this is how Fast buds started not a botany degree

    even a horticultural school in any CV

    find it on icmag..? lol

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