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  1. ok im in the middle of stripping my nightstand and i feel like so far the best option is to use the original backing and place that in the front of the nightstand. then im going to screw in the front of the shelves so it just looks like its a regular nightstand untouched from the front. caulk the insides. i can use the back as the door or entrance. any ideas what i should do for that??? its a rather small nighstand. 16x18x18

    thanks :smoke:
  2. what i got so far:

    -stripped cab which is 18"x18"x16"

    -2 pvc pipes for intake (almost same size as exhaust... slightly bigger) so the intake is a little more than twice the size of the exhaust.

    -exhaust fan (attached at the bottom of the box)

    -diy carbon scrubber that i havent made yet but will be making later on tonight probably (already got the carbon just need a couple more things) and will be attached to the end of .....

    -a pvc pipe that will act as the exhaust. it will run from the floor and make 90 degree turn into the top part of the box where the lights are, also seperated from the box by some sort of glass panel. so hopeful heat wont be as much as an issue for my small box with the glass panel so i can load add an extra light or 2. also odor control with the carbon filter

    -fan for inside the box, angled towards the plants

    -went to my local sporting goods store and went to the camping section. bought an emergency tent for 2. got more than enough mylar to cover the entire box more than once lol

    -caulk to seal everything on the inside and make air tight and light proof.

    please any input is very much appreciated... the only things i think i need help on is lighting and the entrance door.

    thanks :smoke:
  3. i think your going to have heat problems running any lights in that space. You want your exhaust to be bigger than your intake, to create negative pressure inside the growbox. Search the forums for ventilation, you can find it there.

  4. well i went to lowes and home depot yesterday and got almost everything and going to start building soon, but i changed the design a little bit. so i think i resolved my heat problems.

    im going to set up 2 exhaust fans in the top part of the cab attached with my own version of this diy carbon filter mounted over each of them

    and thats going to be completely sectioned off part of the cab from the plant, where also the lights will be place.... separated by plexiglass. the intake will be on the opposite side of the fans. also have an intake on the bottom of the cab where the plant will receive its fresh air. theres also going to be a fan blowing on the plant itself.

    i feel like most of the heat is essentially going to be part of the exhaust, ya know what i mean??:confused::confused: i am concerned about the size but its really all i have to work with right now. at least as far as stealth is concerned, which is a very big part of this project. i have very high hopes for this project tho and plan on posting pictures soon. for future plans this might just be turned into simply just a veg box... thank you thisismynewxbox for your feedback. all input is very much appreciated. :smoke:

  5. and i'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you about the intake lol :). i think the intake has to be bigger than the exhaust and create a passive intake. especially since i wont be having any fan as a part of the intake... can someone please correct me if im wrong

  6. I havnt done any growing but ive read up on it pretty good so far, so this is my opinion, from what ive read.

    You need negative pressure in the box, or it will smell up your house, not good for stealth. and alot of people dont even use an intake fan, a hole near the bottom works better. Exhaust fan should be near the top, it will help take away some hot air if its at the top.

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